I know you’re thinking, “Didn’t you already go to the zoo?”  My mom had a vacation week (my dad is retired) and my parents (who are in their 60s, so I call them “The Old Folks”, respectively) wanted to take the boys to one place, but didn’t really have the money for it, so we went to Van Saun Park Zoo instead.  My mom grew up near the area and we had never gone to this zoo before (and I assume it wasn’t around when I was a child).

What was really great is that through homeschooling we had been going over how God created the animals and how unique and special each one was.  Right after the lesson, we basically had a field trip to learn more about the uniqueness of each animal.  My mom made sure to read all the info stands for each animal to the boys so they could continue in their lesson.

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  1. Great shots of kids and grandparents together, Victoria, it looks like they had a lot of fun. Plus leading off with a pic of prairie dogs, which I love, so bonus for me!

  2. I love the pictures with the animals and your kids. You’re such a good mommy!



    Southern (California) Belle

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  3. aw! i haven’t been to a zoo in years. it must be so magical as a kid – i do remember loving it as a kid and always loving the baby animal part (in the spring they did a ‘zoo babies’ thing and still do)

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  4. I LOVE the prarie dogs!!! They are the cutest at our zoo, they come up right to you. I love that pic of the bull though, he is jsut like “Oh, Howdy!” 🙂 You take the best pics my dear!

  5. It’s so nice to see your kids hanging out with their grandparents. My parents and us are still not communicating (as much as we’ve tried). It really makes me sad. They just can’t deal with confrontation. They’ve said so many mean things to my husband. 😦

  6. It’s been far too long since I’ve been to the zoo! I think there’s something particularly special about going with little kids though – as everything is so much more magical to them. Really sweet photos and your parents are adorable!!!

  7. Not sure if my first comment went through… it might’ve went to spam!
    Your kids are blessed to be able to spend time with their grandparents. I might not get that chance with my future kids and my parents, because they choose to not speak with my husband and I. I come from a family where my parents don’t apologize for their hurtful words. They’ve said some really painful things to my husband, and even after we’ve asked them to apologize, they haven’t. They just don’t deal with confrontation in a verbal manner. I’m quite sad about it.


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