When we were at Van Saun Park, there were a few other things we could do rather than just visit the zoo.  There was a carousel ride that Leto really wanted to ride on so badly.  My mom went on with him and Micah just wanted to watch or I would have gone on with them too.  Leto chose to sit on the jack rabbit. Thankfully Micah had a great time jumping up and down cheering for his big brother, who was so excited as he’d go up and down and around on the carousel!

There was also a cute little train ride that went all around the zoo and a little in between too. On the way would we could reminisce about the animals we had seen in the zoo. It was great for the boys since they love trains, and we all got to enjoy it together.  As we rode by the bison, I imagined how great it may have been to pass them on a real train long ago, and perhaps you still can, but I have not been out west at all.

Although they were very hot and worn out, the boys were still willing to go to the large playground at the park and check things ouThey were a little too nervous and scared about going down the big slides, and Micah didn’t like how the bridge shook as he walked on it (which is why he looks upset in the last picture). They have since become a bit more adventurous, but they had fun, regardless of the timidity of trying new things out.

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  1. The zoo and the carousel and the train and the playground: All of them remind me of things we did when our kids were younger, Victoria. That outing looks like so much fun for all three generations!

  2. Aw …. that last photo – so cute and so sad at the same time. Reminds me a lot of my little guy. Seeing this pics makes me regret not taking the time out to go to amusement park this summer. We kept talking about it, but never made it happen. This looks like so much fun. I’m kind of a sucker for a good carousel ride 🙂

    • You can always go next year, I am sure. I think kids enjoy these things more as they get older. While my 3 year old doesn’t really care for it, my 5 year old just started wanting to go on rides this year. They are all different though, but that is from my own experience.

  3. oHH! Poor baby!! 😦 his little face is cute and heart-breaking, lol, poor guy! Those rides look so classic and nice! Much more nifty than our zoo, not that there is anything wrong with our zoo, but very nice!

  4. these look SO much fun! what a great time it must have been – this looks like a really awesome zoo and like a perfect family outing

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

  5. What fun photos! I love carousels so much. And how darling are those boys? Little guys always have such long eyelashes…why is that?! Too cute 🙂


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