Leto told us last year that he wanted to play soccer. I honestly don’t know much about the game at all, but I did play it in gym class in middle school and taught what I remembered from that.  Thankfully Leto’s soccer coaches will be able to train him even more appropriately.  Before he met his coaches, we went out to practice on a field.  I did not know that shin guards were worn underneath the socks until Leto’s first practice day, but oh well.  I’m learning from my mishaps all the time.  I was trying to teach Leto how to volley/dribble the ball, how to kick with the inside of his foot, and how to get the ball from someone else. It was fun, and we both got to learn a bunch. Micah isn’t really fond of soccer and wants to play football down the road, but he had fun kicking around the ball too and we tried to show him how to play so he could practice with us.

Rob worked more with Leto on doing the goalie thing, but Leto has a hard enough time realizing he shouldn’t use his hands, so that probably wasn’t something we should have done on the first day of teaching him. He used to run really funny and slowly (more like a skip-run), but after training him a little to hustle and showing him how to run, he improved a lot! He ran very well with his other teammates when he had his first practice, so we were so glad about that. He is having a lot of fun, and that is what matters so much!  Rob wasn’t ever really into sports, and I loved participating in things, but was always into the fun of it, while my family was more about being competitive. I never liked the pressure of sports, so we’re just training him the way to play it and to have fun. His soccer games don’t have winners, as they are all so young and just learning how to do it. I like that.

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  1. I love that he’s outside playing soccer while wearing a T-shirt proclaiming his passion for video games.

    • haha. Well he only plays video games maybe once a week for about an hour, but when he does play, he adores it. He only plays Lego Star Wars, but he’s good at it. 😉

      • Lego Star Wars? We have those! We brought them out the other day for some kids who were over for the afternoon. Even though they were too young to know Star Wars well (if at all), they gravitated toward those pieces over the other toys we’d brought out.

      • ah, well this is a video game, but if we bought actual legos for Leto, he’d go crazy. He is REALLY amazing at playing with them and building things, Micah too!!! We don’t have Star Wars ones though, just the video game. Really all my sons do all the time when not doing school work is play with legos and draw.

  2. It is so much fun watching our kids get involved with things and with other kids.

  3. How cute!!! I bet it is so fun to watch him learn and play!! He makes a super cute little soccer player. 🙂

  4. Aw how sweet! It’s really funny to watch little ones play soccer, esp when they’re first learning..but who knows, maybe he’ll be a star!

    ❤ Cambria

  5. How fun! I wonder if our kids are going to be sporty at all. My Rob and I were sort of into sports when we were in high school, but we wouldn’t consider ourselves athletic, especially now, by any means! I like your dream catcher shirt.

  6. i don’t see that as a bad thing! that’s awesome – and it must be fun to see your kid get to do an activity like this (unless of course they are like me and sat in the goal making daisy chains…i was baddddd at sports) these photos are all so great! they are better than any ‘soccer mom’ photos i have ever seen – it’s a really cool artistic take. you could make a book out of ‘soccer mom’ with these kind of photos

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails


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