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Kids in the Park

Brienne (one of my best friends) decided to become a full time stay-at-home homeschooling mom (as I do) and we all hung out together at the park (about two weeks ago now).  Better for them to scream outside than inside! They all got pretty sweaty and the sun was constantly in their eyes (as you can tell by these shots), but it was much fun.

My hair looks short here, but that is just my old bangs growing out. . .the rest is in the back, I assure you. No short hair for me.

Baby Clarity is growing big!


6 thoughts on “Kids in the Park

  1. Kids and parks are a fun combination. We had great times with ours when they were young, and meeting up with friends always seemed to make it more special.

  2. How wonderful. I take Gwen outside every day if it’s not wet (like this week – ugh! I’m going stir-crazy). We always take long walks and go to the park, or at least run in our big front yard. She could spend hours outside!

  3. What a handsome little crew. Your boys have gotten so big! So perfect to have a good friend who is also a stay at home mom with boys close in age to yours 🙂

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