Outfit details: headband – Garlands of Grace | Blouse – American Eagle | Vintage Skirt – Sally Jane Vintage | Boots – Modcloth

This week has been so packed up!

Homeschooling doesn’t really take that long to do for preschoolers and first graders.  I think Kindergarten took longer since there was so much to teach in regards to reading and writing. I am glad I have a year off from teaching Kindergarten! I thought 1st grade would be more difficult, but Leto is doing splendidly. Micah has a hard time concentrating sometimes on what I teach him, but I try to keep things interesting and fun so it is easier on him (and me).  His school day is usually much shorter than Leto’s.

I recently became a member of the worship team at church.  I used to want to be in it when I was a teenager, but I was a kid so I didn’t bother even asking, plus I was a miserable person at that time. No joy was in my life as my manic depression had ruled me.  As an adult, I figured with young children it was too difficult to do since Rob is on the worship team every single week playing bass. The boys were too small for us both to go (and that was fine).  For a couple months, one of our new pastors and his family has sat behind us at church and heard me singing harmonies and asked Rob to get me to join up (they are on the worship team as well, though not every week, to explain how they had heard me). I was going to say “no” at first because of the boys, but thought they could behave well enough if I brought them to practices, and it is true.  They sit down and color pictures the whole time. During the end of the practices they do get a little bored and start running up and down in one small area, but they are quiet and not distracting.  It works out pretty well. I have fun and like to get into it a bit (I worship barefoot and stomp my feet – yes, I am a little weird). I want to make sure that I do this for the glory of the Lord, and not myself.  I pray that I am constantly humbled and that my focus stays on the One who created me and gave me the ability to harmonize. I’m not a great singer at all, but I can sing on key and easily can hear various harmonies. I am definitely not a soloist either, but love being a back-up vocalist.  I love to work with other people!  I will only be doing it possibly twice a month.

Rob and I still work with the youth group and have an entire new team of leaders there now.  It has been pretty fun and I have been able to learn about the new leaders and meet new students who attend. I love them all!  It is my only time without my boys each week (two hours a week) which is difficult on me still after these past 5 years as a leader, but I adore teenagers and helping encourage them in their lives.  This year they have combined the Jr. high with the Sr. high, which is actually easier on me to have an extra night to spend with my family (I don’t like being without them, honestly).

Today is our anniversary as a couple. 12 years with Rob!! I have loved him since months before we started dating though.  A dozen years does seem like a lot at my age, and I’m very thankful for having each of these years with him! We are going to a wedding this weekend which will be a nice way to celebrate a “date” that we rarely get!

What has your week been like? What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Congratulations on the relationshipversarry!

    Those pics look very Laura Ingalls Wilder, Victoria. When I was a kid my grandfather passed away and a few eyars later my grandmother remarried. Chuck was an old family friend who was also widowed and they made a great couple. The connection to your pics, though, is that Chuck was distantly related to the Ingalls family. It makes me feel like Michael Landon and I are cousins or something.

    The worship team ministry sounds exciting. I’ve done a lot of worship leading over the years, but not recently. Putting our kids in a stroller or – as they got older – letting them run around the church while we practiced was standard operating procedure!


  2. happy anniversary! 12 years! i cannot wait to keep celebrating anniversaries with my husband…..our 6 year dating anniversary was …oh it’s TODAY! sweet i didn’t miss it! hahaha. we’re bad at dates – but we love going out to eat on it usually (being apart has its downfalls….no dinners out.) and i really love the outfit on you – those boots are so cool

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

    • awww you started dating on my 6 years dating anniversary! Well happy 6 years of dating to you both today!!! That’s wonderful news!! We don’t really go on dates. . in fact today we’re not doing anything different than normal! Thanks so much for the sweet comment.

  3. A lovely look! Congrats on your anniversary. May there be many, many more! 🙂 This weekend I am baking a bunch of yummy fall treats. Nomnomnom!

  4. Happy anniversary, gorgeous!

  5. Happy Anniversary! 12 years! that’s wonderful!

    I could only imagine how hard it would be to homeschool a kindergartner! So much to learn!!!

    That’s great that you were able to join the worship team! No doubt that you will enjoy it!!

    & I love your boots! Have a great weekend…it’s cold here for the first time, so we’re bundled up inside! 😉

  6. Happy anniversary! 12 years is great! Here’s to many many more happy years!

    Also, you look so pretty and feminine in this outfit. Those boots are fantastic and I really love the peter pan collar on your blouse.

  7. Happy belated anniversary! That’s wonderful Victoria and what an awesome testament to marriage.

    I’m on our worship team too – I play piano, sometimes ukelele, and sometimes sing backup. It’s so much fun. My hubs plays drums 🙂 You will love it, that’s for certain.

    Gorgeous photos per usual. Your hair is incredible and what a sweet skirt and blouse! Happy weekend! xo Marisa

  8. How exciting that you began singing with the worship team! I started up at my church as well and am so excited-worship has always been my favorite part of the service, I feel so connected to the Lord when I sing!
    Loving your ensemble here too-those boots make me swoon and your long locks are simply stunning! Makes me miss my long hair 🙂

  9. Your hair is so pretty and long! Yours shoes look great too—everything fits together. Happy dozen years to you and your man!

    Congratulations on being part of the music group too!

  10. Your hair is so pretty and long! Yours shoes look great too—everything fits together. Happy dozen years to you and your man!

    Congratulations on being part of the music group too!

  11. What a pretty outfit! I love the pattern on your skirt and your boots! So pretty. ❤


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