On the first day of autumn (I am behind in posts, as you can see) we had a pretty busy day.  I went to Leto’s first soccer game.  His coach isn’t that great, and I’m a bit disappointed in how he handles things.  There are two coaches, and one is patient with the kids, but the other is pretty loud (seems extremely frustrated) and screams at his own children without a problem.  They don’t spend enough time actually teaching them how to play, but thankfully I get to try to help out best I can.

Later in the day we hung out with a family in which we’ve seen develop over the years.  Rob’s former classmate/bandmate/co-worker also married his high school sweetheart and had two children. They are really sweet and fun kids.  It is cool that there are quite a few people we went to high school with who dated and married one another.  This couple started dating probably two years (maybe more) before we did.  After we hung out at the park we all went out to dinner together. It was really a nice time.

These are our friends’ kids trying to cross their eyes. . .their son was able to, but not so much their daughter. Still, how funny they are.

This is Josh and Rob.  We were joking about putting a side by side picture of them from high school with this shot.  

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  1. Kids at the park, what could be more fun?

    Your description of the coaches is like one yar we had Kyle in Little League and there were two coaches like yours. I vonlunteered myself in as another coach in order to moderate the effects of the yelling coach as much as I could. I didn’t know much about coaching baseball, but I know how to say “Nice hit! Good catch! Way to go!”


    • I think the coach takes it too seriously when they are only 5! Also he never says, “good job” to any of them and just gets frustrated. That is good that you tried to help out with Kyle and his coaches. I hope next year Leto gets a good coach. We actually have noticed that the other teams all have kids who listen to their coaches and do what they say and the coaches seem organized, in shape, friendly, and fun. . . then you have Leto’s who is the opposite.

  2. these photos are beautiful! you have such a lovely family – it still looks almost like summer in these! shorts in the fall – i can’t wear them anymore!

    ❤ katherine

    • . . .These were taken on September 22nd. I’m just THAT behind in posting. Haha. I have since been in long sleeves and sweatshirts.

  3. Victoria thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog! It really brightened my day as my family is going through leaving on church and trying to find a new church home. We don’t have a lot of like minded believers in our area so it was great to hear from you! I too wish we lived nearby each other so we could get together and have hot tea or something and just chat about life. 🙂 *sigh* What state do you live in? If I am ever near you all I will have to just pop in and say hi!

    My friend Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashion blog told me last night about a new thing gmail has put out called video chat. So now besides instant messaging you can chat with people if you have a webcam sort of like skype. I am going to try and do it with her today. We should do that sometime! I know you are busy and so am I, but we should try to do that sometime if you have skype or gmail. I have never done either but would love to figure it out! Technology is crazy cool and I praise God for internet so believers in Christ can build each other up where ever they are! 🙂 Its so great like that.

    Blessings to you Victoria and your boys are adorable. I will pray their soccer coach cools off and gets nicer and the boys have fun and learn a lot. 🙂

    In Christ,

    • I hope you have a wonderful search for a new church. It is tough what many churches are going through these days. My church is going through an entirely new leadership and I have really enjoyed it, but it was difficult. I am not one who leaves a church though, but we had a couple hundred people leave!!!!

      I have not heard of the google chat thing and I dont know . . I think I’d be nervous and not know what to talk about, but I could try it. I rarely even talk on the phone with people so it would be new to try to chat while seeing the person hehe.

      I live in New Jersey (the northern part). I know you live in Virginia. I have never been there.
      Thanks for the grand comment and the prayers!

      • Just to clear things up we are not leaving because of something stupid like the carpet color, the pastor has told my parents they are not aloud to teach because of some of their beliefs. And therefore we are leaving because of doctrinal differences. I really hate that thats why and wish we could have stayed, but we gotta leave since we are not aloud to serve in the area of teaching and my Dads spiritual gift is teaching. Hope that makes sense! We would have rather stayed, we don’t believe any church is perfect, but for that reason we have to.

        Yeah I was a little nervous talking with Ashley with the google chat, but it was fun once we broke the ice. I love talking to people in person, so to me its the next best thing, I am not too keen on chatting over the phone. If you want we can try it, but we don’t have to. 🙂 I totally understand!

        God bless,

      • That does make a lot of sense if you are unable to teach the Word of God and someone wants to strip your father’s gifts away like that. It is terrible how your dad must be feeling lately with all the things taken from him. What days during the week are best for you? Usually I am free at 2 or so on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to arrange an online chat.

  4. Cutie patooties!! Love your site!! Following you on BlogLovin loving your site!! Feel free to follow back. Have a great day!


  5. Cutie pie kiddos 🙂

    What is it about these sports teams for young children that have coaches that act like they are in the pro league? I don’t get it. In our town the big thing is softball/baseball – and the coaches practice these little kids for 7 days a week! Yes..7! They are very hard on them to boot. Many parents and coaches here seriously believe their kids are destined to go pro someday and it’s actually kind of sad. Luckily I don’t believe our soccer leagues are nearly as bad – so that is the route my son will be headed too 🙂

    • I think parents have lost out on their kids’ lives when they make sports priority over the time they spend with them in general and raising them up in God as well. I have seen many Christian parents choose to have their kids participate in sports over attending church, and it seems a little reversed as to what really matters: raising children of God. My parents never allowed my brothers to go to Sunday games, and we were told we had to go to one church function (be it youth group or church or both). My brothers were always very active in sports, and they were okay with not playing on Sunday. Anyway, thankfully Leto’s games are not on Sundays!! I can’t imagine having to put my sons through 7 days a week of sports. They have so much pressure on them between school and sports. TOO MUCH STRESS!!!

  6. yikes that one coach doesn’t sound too good for kids… is there any way everyone can find a nice way of getting a new coach instead? also, i read your comment above and def agree that parents stress their kids out way too much now, and now completely understand and am thankfully my dad pulled out the veto card when i begged to play soccer w/ my friends when i was already in basketball. but anyway, that is SO cute you have friends from HS who also have kids your age and even sweeter they were HS sweethearts too! I can’t believe you have many friends like that, I only know one couple and they’re more like distant friends.

    • He only has 2 more games to go, so hopefully next year he’ll get a better coach. That is good that you did only one sport which would put less stress on you. Are you glad you stuck with basketball now? I was never interested in soccer. I did try out for the basketball team in middle school though (but didn’t make it). I was better at softball and bowling. I probably should have done volleyball and field hockey though too. Oh well. Can’t go back and change my stubborn decisions.

      I think in Rob’s graduating class there are about 6 or more married couples who started dating in high school with people in or around their grade. There was a poll in the US that only 10% of the whole US population tend to marry their hs sweetheart, and 2% of those divorce, but there were only about 75-80 people in his class, so that is more than 10% there!


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