We went to my in-laws’ and Oma (Rob’s mom) made a sandbox for the boys. She went to Home Depot, bought a bag of play sand, put it in a black plastic tub of sorts and some construction vehicles for them to play with.  They had a lot of fun.  I got to play a little in the sand myself.  It was cute to see them digging about for about an hour in the sand.  Who needs to buy those expensive sandboxes they sell for kids when they had tons of fun for less money? 

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  1. My wife used to do the same thing with birdseed. That’s because she had it for indoor play in toddler Sunday School, and birdseed is easier to vacuum up off of carpet than sand. Kids love it either way.

  2. that’s smart – indeed it’s pretty easy to build a DIY sandbox! i hate sand though – even as a kid i didn’t like the sandbox

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

    • Do you not like the texture, or you just never cared to play in it? I didn’t like playing in cold wet sand, but I adored the sandbox my parents had which my dad had built for my brothers before I was around, but they got rid of it after I started getting loads of ticks every single time I played in it.

  3. Aw! Darling photos. What is it about sand that is so awesome? I love the stuff too. Memories to cherish, for sure! 🙂

  4. Awww…sandboxes evoke some wonderful memories as a kid spending summers over at my Oma’s house 🙂 Such sweet and lovely photos of your boys. I really just think little boys are so much fun to watch when they play. Because I only grew up with a sister, having a son and watching him play just fascinates me.

  5. OH man! This is really cool! We lived across the street from a school when we were kids, so our parents pretty much made us use that sandbox. But this is a really cool idea to keep in mind, I think a lot of kids would really like this!

    • That is cool that you grew up near a playground area!! That must have been a lot of fun. Definitely keep this project in mind.

  6. a double win is that it’s small so they have to sit outside of it and won’t end up with sand everywhere including down their pants haha or at least less hopefully. that’s one thing I dislike about going to the beach, sand everywhere when you come home and then it stays everywhere. great idea to your MIL & glad to hear they had fun-these are really sweet pics of them.


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