There is a beautiful lake where my in-laws live.  I have yet to swim in it, and I hope to do so come next year.  This is beside the point of this post though.

Lakes and oceans have a lot of suspicion in my head.  Waters can go from being at great peace, having a wave of constance, or they rush wildly. This is how I feel.  There are times when in my mind I feel peace. I feel the tranquility of love around me.  Something comes in and shakes me. My emotions begin to go from happy to sad, not so much for myself, but for others.  I go from thinking about oppression to feeling overwhelmed with the blessings God has given me that I don’t understand if I am even worthy of anything, and then again I really am not.  That is when I remember: Jesus calmed the storms. He controls it all.  Although the rain fell on Him when He was in this world Himself, It reminds me that the rain will fall on the just and unjust. There will be torment, trials, heartache, heartbreak, happiness, love, kindness, peace.  No matter what, in the end Jesus will return and will destroy the evil and make things right.  There will be true peace again. This is the hope I have through every storm I see others faced with, and when I have them in my own life.

“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” -Matthew 5:44-45

Outfit details: Shirt & Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: c/o Payless | Flower: Lila-Jo

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  1. Victoria thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. 🙂 They always make me smile. I love your outfit in this post! It screams put together even in jeans and a t. I love your hair too! It reminds me of a civil war/1860s hairstyle in a way. Except your style is oh so flattering in comparison because its not parted down the middle. 🙂 I hate having to part mine down the middle for reenactments, but I do it for accuracy. In real life I am loving being able to part it on the side. 🙂

    I was encouraged by your thoughts about Jesus calming the waters! If He was not able to give me perfect peace my life would be a big roaring ocean that would never settle down and have eternal peace. Thanks!

    God bless!
    Becca ( I prefer Becca, but for my blog I go by my full name.) 🙂

    • Good to know how you prefer to be called after talking to you online for two years now hahahahaha.
      I want to learn how to do loads of the old hairstyles of the 1800s. Thing is, this hairstyle wasn’t parted at all. It was straight in the middle but because my hair is so thick, some of it got pushed towards the side! I like it though. It is easy to do and comfortable. I’m glad you felt encouraged. . .I have been feeling a bit down lately and it encouraged me to write it, as odd as that may sound.

  2. Great pics. I bet the boys had fun with mom and dad on the shore!

    Good insights on how all of us face stormy weather and all of us receive the blessing of gentle rain. So glad Jesus is with me through it all.


  3. these photos of you and your family are beautiful -and the backdrop is stunning.

  4. I think you described your thoughts in a way that make me think of my own thoughts very much. I loved reading that verse, though…what a perfect way to sum up God’s love for all.

    These photos are GREAT! You look really cute in your jeans and top…I’m more used to seeing you in dresses. I like this for a change! You look so fit and thin!! Are you working out?

    • I am not doing anything lately other than not having sweets. It made me lose 9 pounds by avoiding it for just 3 weeks (been more since). I wasn’t trying to lose though. I’ve always been thin and tall. I love wearing dresses, but lately I’ve been more in jeans!

      Glad you could relate to this. ❤

  5. Love your jeans and cute flats! I feel like I always say this, but you really do have the cutest family!

  6. That first picture is so very pretty, you have such a radiant glow :). And I love your hairstyle girl!



    Southern (California) Belle

  7. Goodness you are so pretty, I love that first picture of you and seeing you & Rob together, that’s a rarity on here I think. The one w/ he and the little ones is so precious also. Well you know what does frustrate me? That people think they are worthy of so much… and worthier than others because of opportunities they were born into. Also, I keep thinking of your comment about your hubs mom “ranting” and how it just got to him. I think my hubs had the same experience growing up at all, which is why he’s particularly affected by and notices it now (which is good for me so he tells me to stop). Oh, and thank you for your comment on my (justified : ) rant about water, so glad to hear you appreciate it also. It seems that if we ever got the opportunity to meet we could talk for days! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend with your beautiful family.

  8. oh also i love your hair like this! will you teach me/us how to do it? i’m always throwing mine up in a bun for work but this would be perfect. how does it stay? putting bobby pins sometimes hurts my head.

    • The hairstyle is a french braid and twirled on the side and bobby pinned up. There is a way to put in bobby pins correctly, and I think a LOT of people don’t really know how….so that perhaps is why yours don’t stay or would hurt your head. Maybe I am so used to them though that I don’t feel them? I never have problems. I could try to teach sometime how to put in bobby pins though.

  9. So well put Victoria – sometimes when I think of all the bad things happening in the world I wonder how people can bare the weight of them and how it will all be fixed. Thoughts like yours help me be more at peace with it.

  10. really lovely words:) and that top looks AWESOME on you!


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