“O Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more.” -Psalm 10:17 & 18

[outfit details: Shoes – Tillys |  Skirt – Ebay ($4) | Top & necklace – American Eagle | Headscarf – Garlands of Grace | Bracelet – a friend | belt: Delias ]

I’ve been down in the dumps lately. I don’t want to be and at the same time I don’t believe I’m trying hard enough to get out of the slump.  It is honestly not very like me to be down.  I think I’ve become more  frustrated about everything. I don’t like that everyone lately is arguing everywhere I go, and usually about politics.  I don’t want to hear about who they think I should or shouldn’t vote for.  This is the first time I feel free during election time and at ease because no matter what changes are made or what things remain the same, I have confidence in a higher authority which is most important.   The reality of the matter is that when things hit the dirt, where do people go to? Do you see all the things in this world and all the people who have injustice happening towards them and you are arguing and causing problems with your own friends who should be working along side of you?

When all is gone, what is left? Will you offer a hand to help someone else? Will you reach out to the hurting and the lost? I don’t want to think of any stance other than helping the oppressed and it kills me inside more and more each day because I feel that what I am doing in my life is not enough. I want to push myself harder but don’t see results. I beat myself up when I do wrong, I beat myself up if I am not there enough in someone else’s life. When people are hurting, I shed tears.  I used to think tears were a sign of weakness so I’d fight allowing any to come out of my eyes, but I am sadly a very emotional person.  Now when the tears come out I feel strength in the One who wipes every tear away.

The other day I watched this video of a wonderful young girl who just wants to get an education and lives in Pakistan where the Taliban is blowing up schools for girls and doesn’t want anyone to consider teaching them! I was so upset that people would want to hurt children and look down on someone just because they were born a certain gender! I am totally for child empowerment and completely down trodden by the destruction and oppression done to others.

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  1. Victoria you are beautiful and not because of the stylish clothes, its because the One who created the universe obviously dwells inside of you. Yes I cry too for those children who are hurting and who don’t have access to the Gospel and education as we do here in the US of A. I still can’t believe I was born into the family I am in for such a time as this. I love your blue skirt! It caught my eye right away. Blue is so soothing, I love it.

    God bless!

  2. It’s so easy to get down in this world 😦 I’m an overly emotional person myself, and find myself down in the dumps almost constantly. I’m even dealing with some health issues over it… that’s when you know you need to give it up to God and stop being so selfish (yet it’s so hard!)

    It will be ok though… I promise. God has you in mind and in heart and he will deal with your life’s problems accordingly 🙂


    • Thanks for your encouraging words Aya! I pray that God will heal your health issues and help you out of the slump you are in too. It is really wonderful that God sees things so much more clearly than I do and is a million steps ahead of me but also by my side through it all!

  3. aww don’t be too hard on yourself! sometimes I get to feeling that way and get frustrated as well when some days it’s really just tricky enough to get through the day, as awful as that sounds. but that said I def could see you working with an awesome organization that works on fighting child slavery and oppression. i’m really happy to hear that you blog about it, it is so refreshing to hear and I love that you’re using your internet voice for good! and I def see tears as a sign of compassion, not weakness. and last but not least, the bohemian vibe suits you perfectly w/ your gorgeously long hair and stall, slender figure. I love that skirt on you

  4. I’m sorry that you’re feeling so down, Victoria. I hope it lifts soon. (I have been up and down myself lately, alas.) gx

  5. Victoria, I completely get the frustration you’re feeling about how you are not doing enough in someone’s life, or just plain not doing the right thing, because I can get frustrated that way too. God doesn’t condemn you though (Rom. 8:1), and he loves you bunches every second of the day.


  6. I understand how you feel. I do know that people don’t see eye to eye with each other on a lot of things, and that’s practically the reason why we have these two largest political parties constantly warring against each other. Recently on a post I put up on my blog’s Facebook page, I complained about seeing more and more women wearing low cut tops and push up bras on the news. I know some big breasted women who don’t wear push up bras with their low cut tops and they’re not nearly as distracting as the women who do wear that kind of bra in public! I said that men and women alike watch the news to be seriously informed about issues concerning them, and these images are giving off the aura of entertainment and unprofessionalism, a proven distraction for men especially. Not a lot of people really backed me up on this, because there were more people who went against me by saying that there are more important issues out there that I need to worry about (classic response for ignoring a problem). I obviously watch the news because I want to be informed of what our country is doing to our people here and in other countries, and my concern about the low cut tops was just a side comment. I wish there were more people who defended me on this, but I really feel that people who are on my blog are just there to be entertained. The ones who are modest are too afraid or hands off to join vocally. I’m not saying that you are part of that crowd. I know how you feel about modesty very well, and I am glad that I do.

    Within the Christian community, I see too many of my own “friends” who are way too busy doing ministry (if ministry includes hanging out inside church) to spend time with friends outside their ministry. I’ve asked to hang out and have tried to contact certain people, but they seem to be too caught up in their world. Most of the time, I get asked to go to church with them or some kind of event at their church. First of all, I already have a church and serve in that church. Secondly, if I weren’t Christian, and the only times a friend invites me to hang out is when something is going on in their church, how would I feel?

    To cut the story short, we all really need to get our priorities straight. Why be all fired up in politics or ministry if you do not have love for people who actually know you personally? It’s hypocritical. I’m going through this same thing this very moment. I just feel really hurt that certain Christian friends are too insensitive to maintain a healthy friendship.

    My comment might be completely off-topic, so sorry! These thoughts just popped into my head tonight as I was reading your post—especially because one of those same Christian friends didn’t get back to me again today. It really bums me out. I am very sensitive and emotional as well.

    • Yeah, I invite people to my church when I know they aren’t a member of any at all, or they aren’t attending one, but people who go to one, I don’t tend to invite, since I believe it is good to have a commitment to a community you are involved in. That is very sad that a lt of your friends seem to not want to hang out with you one on one, and only at church where they don’t really get a chance to sit down and talk to you. You said this very well: “Why be all fired up in politics or ministry if you do not have love for people who actually know you personally?”

      I agree that it is unprofessional when people in a businesses including newscasters wear revealing clothing, as it is very distracting. I can’t remember where it was, but I went to some place where a woman had a very low cut shirt on at the job (she worked there) which was filled with children. Even at the Victoria’s Secret store (which I tried to get a job at when I was 19, but the interviewer kept rescheduling and I took another job instead that interviewed me the day I went in. . .this was before my VS boycott for their slave labor) . . the women who worked there all had class in how they dressed with button up tops and this was a bra store! I thought that was cool. I don’t know if they still dress that way, since I don’t go shopping there, but yeah.

  7. such great pics. and i love that skirt, is erfect


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