Preschool is a fun homeschooling “grade” to teach because it is short, fun, and interesting to a 3 year old. My mom gave the boys these little eggs that you put in water.  They crack in time because a little dinosaur grows within it and hatches out.  The boys constantly checked up on the eggs.  The dinosaurs shrunk back down though after a couple of days out of the water, which was pretty sad and annoying.

The cool part about the egg activity was that both boys were learning at the same time about how babies grow in wombs and in eggs (not a graphic lesson, just a simple one for them to comprehend).  Micah was also learning how to write the letter Nn and had nest activities. We made nest cookies with jellybeans as the egg within the nest.  I didn’t try the cookies but Leto loved them, Micah was so-so about them, and my husband said they weren’t that great and were bland. I’d put the recipe on here if it didn’t seem to fail according to Rob’s taste buds.  Micah helped me make the cookies by putting in the ingredients, mixing it up a little (I did the bulk of it) and he rolled them into little balls for me and I squished them down to make the nest. 

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  1. those cookies look great! and i would imagine home schooling is really rewarding – the dinosaur eggs sound like a fun little project

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  2. Those cookie and kid pictures are awesome! Now if you could only get Rob to tweak the recipe a bit and de-bland them, you’d have a winner for sure.

  3. It looks like teaching your kids is a lot of fun! The cookies really do look tasty though, and the dino’s are cool 🙂

  4. the cookies look good! And i kind of want those dinos for myself! hehe

  5. I love those little dinosaur ones. I used to get Spongebob ones – if you put them back in water they’ll grow again.


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