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P-P-Pumpin’ up the Kin!

When we went pumpkin picking, it was pretty windy outside, but warm.  The following day the temperature dropped about 20 degrees (to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit) .  We have never had warm weather in our pumpkin picking adventures, so it felt really wonderful! The boys picked pumpkins and gourds pretty quickly, though we did walk around hoping maybe they’d pick out better ones if they saw any.  When we got home it turned out two of our pumpkins were rotting! Not cool.  Next time we’ll inspect them better. We don’t really ever pick big ones, just two small pumpkins for the boys to paint and two tiny pumpkins, since they are so cute.  We made some time to eat hot dogs and kettle corn and took a look at some of the animals they have there.  The chickens were digging for food, the goats were jumping about, and a rabbit was sleeping.  We also bought pumpkin pie, because they are so good from this place (all homemade and amazing).  


10 thoughts on “P-P-Pumpin’ up the Kin!

  1. Hey, we went pumpkin picking this past weekend too!

    My wife called a friend who has a really huge pumpkin patch and corn maze (huge as in it holds the Guiness World Record for corn maze size), and asked if they could accomodate some teachers from the school my wife works at. They did, and we had about a dozen teachers and their families there for pumpkins and food and stuff, and every family was allowed 6 pumpkins no charge because the owner wanted to support the local school.

    Fun fun day.


    1. We actually went here three weeks ago or so now, but I’m behind in my blogging and don’t want to post every single day.

      That’s great about the patch and maze. I’ve never been inside of a corn maze before. This pumpkin patch is pretty small, but it is enough.

  2. Look at those cutie-pies! We still have not gone to get pumpkins yet, boo! How awesome the boys get to paint pumpkins, that is a great idea! MY dad always let us carve ours, but I ended up with stiches once. I think I will keep painting in mind when I have a kid!

  3. Looks like a fun day! Pumpkin picking is always exciting. I always get the little baby pumpkins too for that exact same reason…too cute! 🙂

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