[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

The Artist 2011 (w/ Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo, John Goodman, James Cromwell) – 4.25 stars – This movie was superbly done.  This film is about a star of the silent pictures (fictional, not based on anyone specificly) who loves what he does but suffers when talkies come into play.  A young woman meets him and he changes her life, or perhaps she changes his.  I loved how it was directed and how very true to old films it was like. What gorgeous imagery.  It is a silent film, but there is music and sounds in it.  I loved how you were able to connect and come to an attachment to the characters even though they don’t actually speak.  I have watched quite a bit of silent films and reviewed a few in these posts, as some of you may recall. content: immodest outfit on one character in a scene, smoking, drinking, attempted suicide, one written out d word, a woman gives the finger, a woman seen in a long slip that looks more like a gown in today’s world

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane 1976 (w/ Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen, Alexis Smith) – 2.25 stars – As a young girl, I was always very drawn to Jodie Foster and would dress like her and do my hair like her (I supposed she was the first “icon” in my life).  I am glad I didn’t see this film when I was younger.  In the very beginning of this movie you get a bit freaked out.  I keep forgetting that they wrongly rate movies from the 60s & 70s.  There is a little girl who moved in to town. Her father is not around, and she pretends that he lives with her.  She is all alone and everyone is trying to talk to her dad and always are checking up on her.  It was a well done film but the content killed it for me or it would have made a higher rating. I don’t get the ending too much.  content: a girl all alone lets strangers inside her house, God’s name used vulgarly 4x, blood seen, smoking by teenager (weed), wine drinking by teenagers & an adult, man smoking a cigarette, an animal tormented & killed, the f word said, small a word used a few times, the d word said a few times, quick nudity from a girl stripping from the back and running into a bed (it was not really Jodie, but her sister who was of legal age – really they didn’t need to put it in at all, pretty lame), deception, kissing, two teens in bed together (so you can assume what their intents are, but nothing happens on camera)

Queen of Blood 1966 (w/ John Saxon, Dennis Hopper, Basil Rathbone, Judi Meredith) – 2.25 stars – This is set in the 1990s, which was interesting to see what fashions they believed we might have, and I am sad it wasn’t like it.  People regularly went to the moon and wanted to go to Mars.  A distress call from aliens who crashed on Mars but are from another planet makes contact with Earth.  Help is what they receive, but maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to help them because the alien is a blood-sucking vampire!  This was a B-flick, but the graphics and sets weren’t that bad.  It was so colorful too! I am sure the imagery would have freaked me out a little as a child, but as an adult, I found it rather entertaining. It got boring at times but was pretty interesting too. content: blood seen, murder, alien in a green skin-tight outfit

The Vampire’s Ghost 1945 (w/ John Abbott, Peggy Stewart, Charles Gordon) – 2 stars– On an island filled with voodoo, there are some rumors of a vampire.  So many people seem scared.  This movie was so boring, and thankfully it was only about an hour long.  content: a woman appears naked under a blanket, though you only see cleavage and bare shoulders, men who haven’t shirts on throughout film, immodest outfits, woman dancing seductively, voodoo

The 5th Quarter 2010 (w/ Aidan Quinn, Andie MacDowell, Ryan Merriman) –  2.25 stars – A wonderful son gets in a really bad car accident.  His family are a mess about it and his older brother is a football star and has to go back to school to lead his team through a new motivation to pick the team up off its feet.  This is based off of a true story.  It was a little emotional.  It is a faith seeking Christian-based film (yeah, I watched a bunch recently).  The beginning was pretty good but it got a bit boring.  The way it was directed was often irritating with the slow motion sequences getting out of hand. content: the s word is said five times, smaller “a” word said twice, blood seen, drinking, kissing, cheerleaders wearing immodest clothes.

Hardflip 2012 (w/ Randy Wayne, John Schneider, Rosanna Arquette, Christian Hosoi, Brian Sumner) – 3.25 stars stars – Caleb has always suffered because of his life with his single mother who seems to be sneaking alcohol and hasn’t told him who his own father is throughout his entire life.  His father is a rich man who has a lot of regrets.  His mother has something she’s been keeping from her son other than his father, and Caleb just wants to skateboard even though his mom just wants him to become an artist.  Something still seems to be missing.  My husband really wanted to see this movie with me (he rates it 4 stars), and it was actually a little odd at first to me, but it got really good.  It is a Christian movie, in case you are not into seeing those.  content: immodesty, attempted suicide, drug use, drinking, a physical fight, woman slaps her son, immodesty (cleavage mainly).

[screenshot from me]

Gaslight 1940 (w/ Diana Wynyard, Anton Walbrook) – 2.5 stars – After a woman is murdered when someone gets in her house to steal hidden jewels.  A married couple moves in and the wife has some sort of issue in her mind, though her husband is manipulative.  Things seem to constantly go missing in their home and she gets blamed for it but doesn’t understand and is confused and worried.  It seems to be a bit of a boring movie for a while, though it is a set up, as it is a “thriller”. I did enjoy it, but not extensively (as in, I probably won’t care to see it again).  The outfits and hairstyles throughout this movie were so pretty!! content: a woman is shown being strangled with a rope, kissing, a controlling husband, a woman’s bare shoulders seen as she is getting dressed, a married man kissing someone he’s not wed to, women dancing can-can but you only see long bloomers.

Gaslight 1944 (w/ Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Joseph Cotten, Angela Lansbury ) – 3 stars – This version of the movie was less boring and had a better storyline built up to it, though much of it was exactly the same as the original film.  The outfits and hairstyles were so cool.  Storyline is that someone died, a couple moves in and the husband puts a lot of guilt on his wife because she becomes “absent minded” and “misplaces her things”.  It is truly terrible how one would mess with someone. This is more thrilling than the original.  content: some cleavage and bare shoulders in a scene, kissing, a woman seen in her corset and bloomers for a few seconds in a couple different scenes.

The Spirit is Willing 1967 (w/ Sid Caesar, Vera Miles, Barry Gordon, Jill Townsend) – 2.25 stars – Okay, so this was kinda cheesy but kind of hilarious at the same time. In the 1800s, a man who wants a few boats agrees to marry a daughter of a rich man so he can get his wish, but on his wedding night he is misled by the maid and is unfaithful so everyone murders one another O.o.  A hundred years later a family moves into the home and has to deal with the ghosts. Hopefully the family will be able to handle the issues well enough. content: immodest outfits, murder (at one point a knife is seen stuck in a man’s back, but you can see how very fake it is), man and woman are in a bedroom though nothing is seen but you know they are in an affair, there is a lot of passionate kissing throughout the film, a few see-through ghosts, violence

The Mighty Macs 2009 (w/ Carla Gugino, Marley Shelton, Ellen Burstyn, David Boreanaz) – 3.25 stars – We need to realize that women’s sports in schools were very uncommon in 1972, and just beginning to break out.  When Cathy signs up to coach a woman’s basketball team for a Catholic college in Pennsylvania, she is up to fight and work hard to be able to try to make a winning team when the first women’s basketball national championship is up for grabs!  This is based on a true story.  I love inspirational true stories.  Their old basketball outfits (dresses) are adorable in this too.   If you like sports films, this is a good one to see.  I don’t really even like basketball, but it was touching.  content: kissing, an absent minded nun having physical contact with a guy during an explanation at a basketball practice, drinking

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  1. I have not seen any of these movies! I really want to see The Artist, everyone says that it was really well-done. By these reviews, I think I would really like to see The Mighty Macs. I really loved A League of their own, so I think I would really like this movie too. 🙂

  2. Mighty Macs has been on our list of mivies to watch. Thanks for reminding me that we need to see if it’s in the red box thingy at the store.

    I saw The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane when it first came out. I agree that it is not high cinema. Then again, it is further evidence that Jodie Foster had acting chops at an early age. Plus, Martin Sheen is great in everything he ever did, even if the movie wasn’t great.

    • I had seen a lot of Jodie Foster’s childhood acting, and agree so much! It is a shame that she doesn’t still do loads of films because I would still probably see them all. She has always impressed me. I had never seen Martin Sheen’s earlier acting that I can recall so this was the youngest I had seen him look. Have fun seeing The Mighty Macs!

      • Have you seen him in Apocalypse Now? That was from the 70s also. Talk about a tour de force!

      • I don’t think I ever saw that movie unless I caught parts of it as a child as my dad watched everything in front of me that he shouldn’t have (like Rambo when I was about 3. Nice…) but I can’t recall actually seeing it. I’ll add it to my que and will review it whenever I get a chance to see it! I’ve been doing movie reviews for about 8 years (started them on a former forum – been doing it here for maybe three years).

  3. Luke and I both have wanted to see the Artist thanks for the recommendation we will def. be watching it now and I love this post btw 😉

  4. I remember seeing Gaslight when I was on a houseboat with my family on a lake in Kentucky. 🙂 Can’t remember much about it (I was only about 11, so I probably didn’t pay much attention.)

    I can’t wait to see The Artist! Also, I think Jean DuJardin is very handsome. 😉

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen any of these either, but some of the actors are definitely familiar! Speaking of The Artist, I had heard about it while it was still in the making looong before people started talking about it. Next thing I know, it wins best film, and I still haven’t seen it!!

  6. i don’t think i’ve seen a single one of these – i will have to see if any are on netflix to watch

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails


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