These two boys are best friends. They love to chase one another, learn new things together, experience adventures as comrades, and talk and sing together regularly.  They also fight all the time.  Okay, not all the time, but they fight over who needs which Lego more; they break one another’s Lego creations if they don’t get their way, and they get punished together more than they do individually.

After we had Leto, we were so in love with him, that we couldn’t imagine having any other children. God surprised us with a second blessing (Micah) 22 months later, and we are so glad that He did, for they do everything together. They have completely different personalities  but mesh so perfectly while being able to fight so easily.  Each day with them is an adventure.  I get frustrated with them often, I laugh and cuddle with them constantly, they teach me new lessons about life (even though I am always trying to teach them things), and they often reveal to me who I am and what my life is about (and direct me to God).

Leto is a very happy little boy who jumps when happy (which causes our home to shake all the time). He is loud and doesn’t stop talking.  He is at the “Why?” stage.  Even when we answer his questions we find ourselves answering questions again that we already answered with details so he can learn.  He loves to read and build things.  He is a great artist for his age and tells us he wants to be an artist for God.  He loves to sing, and all day long he makes up songs or sings ones he already knows (and thankfully he sings on key).  He is very affectionate and loving.  Leto tries to be like others and is a bit of an imitator,  but we are teaching him to be a leader, and not a follower. He has a fake cry when he doesn’t get his way, which is one of the most annoying sounds we hear sometimes. He hates trying new foods and usually spits them out when he tries them, he prays constantly,  and he gets sucked in easily by consumerism (drives us nutty sometimes). He is such a smart and bright little guy!

Micah is quite a little jokester and is very silly.  He is shy and will talk quietly, but once he gets out of his shell, his bright eyes shine and he is so playful and sly.  He loves to draw and build things as well and has been coloring in the lines since he was two (he’s nearly 4).  He takes his time when he has a task to do, but he has a hard time obeying (the 3 year old stage was like this for Leto too, it is tough).  Micah gets easily angered and often has mood swings.  He wants to do things his way and whines a lot.  He loves to suck his thumb and cuddle with us.  He gets easily scared, can’t say his Ls (He makes a y sound instead), smiles so big, likes to walk like a turtle (looks more like the ET walk), and is a picky eater. He is definitely a leader and a bit of a weirdo (like Rob and I). What a ball of energy he is!

May they always be willing to explore and help one another as they grow.  We pray that they will want to explore righteousness and learn about walking in God’s ways even when it is hard.

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  1. Super kids, Victoria. How good for them to grow up in a home where they know they are loved by God and by God-loving parents.

  2. They are both so adorable! I love how big and pretty their eyes are 🙂 I love how different they are, but they love each other. You are raising two amazing people!

  3. You clearly have two VERY special and unique little boys. They are both adorable and so wonderfully loved by their parents…and that is SO important. Love reading about them.

  4. beautiful kids! loved reading about the boys.

  5. your boys sound like amazing kids. it will for sure be great for you to see them grow up and go through all of those stages

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails


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