November 14, 2012

REBBL Review

In July, I posted about being willing to support the creation of the drink REBBL, which was set to launch with the help of others through raising enough money to set the business off.  Thankfully it worked. We were sent a box of 4 bottles of REBBL Hibiscus Mint teas.  REBBL is made by people who were former slaves in the Peruvian Amazon. Not For Sale has been helping them rise up and have their own businesses as a form to combat human trafficking/slavery there.

I am not really fond of drinking much outside of water or chocolate milk, but I had a sip of REBBL to see if I would like it.  I have yet to try Snapple and other iced teas, so really this was my first try at something new like this.  The experience was strange but exciting. As I took a little sip, it tasted as what I suppose is the tea flavor of the drink mixed with what reminded me of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum.  One sip was all I took, but Rob used to be very fond of Snapple drinks.  He said this doesn’t taste anything like it as he thought it would and is so much more delicious like a “smoother green tea”.  He tried to not drink them all within the week, but he probably did. He wants more, and hopefully we can have more in the future.

One thing I loved about this drink was that it was so large (16 oz) and had no crazy ingredients.  They were all things like spearmint, peppermint, and various roots extracts and juices! It is a very natural and organic drink.  On the label was info about “Amazon rituals” for what they drink in the mornings for energy (not coffee) and other things. There is caffeine in this drink, it has no GMO nastiness, it is vegan, and it is fair-trade certified. That’s all really cool! I love the little hummingbird on the top of the label too. So pretty.

Want to buy a case now? Go Here to do so!! If you had the opportunity to try it as well, let me know what you thought about it too.

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  1. I got some too and I enjoyed it for the most part. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I usually drink unsweetened iced tea, so it was a little sweeter than I typically prefer, and the mint is very powerful but I kind of liked that. It sort of balanced out the sweetness. I would buy it again if for no other reason than to support the business.

  2. You like chocolate milk? So does my son. I wrote about it on the blog today, so that’s a happy coincidence that chocolate milk came up here as well.

    Another connection from your blog to my son is that he and I were at a human trafficking conference last spring and Not For Sale was one of the participating organizations. We were able to stop by their table and see the good work they are doing.

    • You’ve mentioned a few times that you went to the convention with your son, though never mentioned about Not For Sale being there. That’s great!

      I start all my mornings off with a glass of chocolate milk (no nasty coffee for me).

  3. Dear Victoria, I wanted to send out a warm hello and thank you for your review of REBBL. My team and I have been working tirelessly for over a year to bring this dream to life and your support means so much to us.

    I’m not sure that REBBL will ever be able to replace your morning chocolate milk ritual, but I would love to send you a bottle of the newest flavor Coconut Chai before its released, if interested.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

    Palo Hawken, CEO, REBBL Inc

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