I don’t tend to do these personal update posts, but there have been so many things going on lately, that I thought I should do so!

1. People have wondered about the little film photobooth strips in my header.  They are from a Hipstamatic Incredibooth app I’ve had for a few months.  At my birthday party on Nov. 3 I put up a backdrop and took these photobooth shots of people who were willing to have some fun getting them taken (click the picture to see them larger).  It is much cheaper than having to rent a booth. It is fun because there are various choices too (I have about 4 different booths in the app with each having 3-4 different lenses/filter choices).

2. I started playing World of Warcraft again after not doing so since last late January! I missed it. The cool thing is that my boys ask many questions and we get to have fun together when I do play it around them (the love all the strange creatures). I play on Wyrmrest Accord in my brother’s guild “The Nephilim”. Add me on battle.net: shinelikestars@optimum.net

3. I have a cold (mainly a sore throat) which I could use some prayer for.  I am on the worship team at church. On Sunday I will be singing this song (The worship leader comes in halfway to sing harmony with me).  I don’t like singing melody at all, or solos, but it would be good to be healthy when doing it.

4.  These Honey Cornbread with Maple Butter muffins look SO good! I am looking for things to make for Thanksgiving. I have a huge honey obsession lately.

5. Firmoo posted a bit of my last fashion post and it received 750 likes. Crazy. Thanks Firmoo.

6. I won Fleet Collection’s “Found by Fleet” October contest. They are sending me jewelry & a dress for free. That was really cool and I am excited to receive them.

7. I have my 10-years’ school reunion on Saturday (I graduated in 2002!).  I am a bit excited about it, though I bump into people here and there since I still hang around my hometown and the town I graduated from (we had two towns 15 minutes apart from the other attend one school). I got along with most everyone in my grade, though I was not popular – just a friendly person.  One fond memory from senior year was when the new freshmen thought they were supposed to be mean to anyone who was not “popular” or “cool”.  Some freshman boys started mocking me because of how I dressed and my class president (a beautiful classy woman) and the head football captain (I think?? He’s now a gym teacher at the high school) came walking by and overheard the name-calling.  The two of them stopped and put the boys in their place saying, “How dare you make fun of the nicest girl in school. You should be ashamed of yourself.” It really touched my heart that we had a pretty good class. Sure there were some I didn’t get along with, but for the most part, I really loved my class. Here’s what I wore to Rob’s 10-years’ reunion (same school) last year.

8. I was also invited to a different school’s 10-years’ reunion the following week. I did not like the school, which is why I left it after being there from 2nd-9th grade. I have a lot of wounds that are still healing from the people who mocked me harshly daily.  I have actually told a few in person that I forgive them (which just weirded them out).  Although there was a select few who were kind, I dread going and having to face down the memories of pain all over again, though at the same time I like facing my hardships with a good attitude. I want to believe so badly that we have all grown and matured.  Most of these people I haven’t seen in 14 years (others I have bumped into).  The problem is that when I have bumped into some, they seem to be a little fake (and many call themselves Christians, as it was a Protestant school).  They put on a smile and act as if they are trying to sell me a product by how they talk to me (like an infomercial), but it sounds so strange!  I am only going if one of my best friends (Rachel) goes as a way to have another excuse to hang out together (since she lives in PA, so I see her a few times a year only) and know that we will have one another’s backs while being able to catch up on life with people we once knew.  I’ll be honest that I try to actually form new bonds with people in hopes that they will want to hang out or be a real friend. This has created trust issues with me because I am gullible into thinking the best in someone and getting very disappointed when one seems to pull me along for a ride that ends abruptly.

9. The perfect part about #6 is that I just read today’s calendar’s quote saying, “Forgiveness is trusting that God is the God of justice He says He is and saying, ‘Father, I won’t hold that person to myself with unforgiveness any more.’  It’s acknowledging that God knows the truth and allowing Him to be the judge, because He is the only one who knows the whole story.” – Stormie Omartian

10. There are many news articles I read about concerning human trafficking. When I read them about NJ, it really makes me glad to see that there is better enforcement against slavery in my state, though still sad to read it in areas I know about.  It truly is right in our own backyards.  This guy in NJ got up to 10 years in prison for trafficking a 15 year old. Of course there have been many other girls he probably didn’t get caught for, but hopefully the Lord will meet him in prison and help him to help girls like the ones he hurt instead of hurting them more when he gets out.

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  1. i play guild wars instead of WoW now – too bad too 😀 i liked WoW a lot to play with my husband and other friends. i personally won’t go to my reunions – i didn’t stay close with people from high school nor do i feel like it is more than i ‘i’m doing better than you’ contest. i’ll stay away. And that’s aweome abotu the Firmoo thing! 750 likes! WOW
    ❤ katherine

    • Ah, see I never thought about reunions like that. I wonder if that is really what a lot of people’s attitudes will be. I don’t think it will be that way at the high school I graduated from, but I would think it might be in the other school, as they seem to rate success on a business level of who makes the most money, since is was a school with many rich kids (which I was not). I mean. . .what would they think of me: a girl who became a housewife and had kids and that’s it? Oh well. I guess I’ll see. I have heard of guild wars but don’t know much about it. I think I have a little bit of a WoW addiction, though I have a time limit on myself.

  2. Praying for your health and that solo Sunday, Victoria. Thanks for the link to the video so I could hear what you’re going to sing.

    The one reunion sounds like it will be a treat, while the other sounds like it might be a bit trying. I hope that you and Rachel get to hang out together at the other one, and that God has some other surprising blessings for you there if you decide to attend.

    And about graduating in ’02: My son graduated in ’08 so from my perspective as a certified Old Guy you’re practically the same age. He does some song leading too, primarily for college and youth ministries, and is always introducing us to great praise music.


    • Yeah, ’08 is much younger than me at this point still, but I am sure in another 10 years it won’t be a difference hardly at all for me. I mean, I am 29. . and your son is just finishing up college? I was pregnant with my firstborn at 22. . .so I think “older” than even some people my age who are just starting to get married. >.< at the same time, I work with youth leaders now who are 22 and even younger and I don't feel that much older than them and feel a bit like their peer, so perhaps they make me feel younger than I am!! At the same time I have older brothers who are 9 and 7 years older, and being around them makes me feel around their age at times. Forget it. I'm still "14". ha. . .
      You're not old. My parents are old (65 & 62). those senior citizens.

  3. i hope you feel better soon! drink plenty of fluids!! and have fun at all of the reunions!

  4. I love the photo-booth idea and want to do that at the next gathering of friends/family! 🙂

    I should be having my reunion this June, but I am not sure if we are going to go. It is over $50 per ticket and most of my friends won’t be able to afford it. I guess I will see.

    That is so awesome that people stuck up for you in school! My high school was like that in a way. The really smart kids were popular, not like in movies, they were well-known because they were in multiple groups/organizations/sports/theater etc. Most people were nice, some were jerks. We had a lot of pot-heads, but they just dropped out. I am glad you have a friend to go with you to the other school. There are a few people from high school who were jerks (very few) who are really nice to me on facebook, but I don’t know how they would really be if I saw them in person.

    • Have fun with the photobooth!! You can send the strips to your phone and facebook as a strip or as individual pictures. I just transferred them all to my computer full sized.

      It is sad reunions cost so much! I think November is a popular reunion time or something. I wish my reunions were this past June instead, but I guess most people are on vacation during that time or getting married, so they chose the Autumn-time.

      Rob’s reunion was $65 per person because they included the cost of drinks, and it was a waste of our money bc we don’t drink and they didn’t really have any food for us to eat. >.< Thankfully both of my reunions costs about that much all together. If people want to drink they have cash bar or byob.

      My high school was also nothing like what is shown on T.V. shows and movies. Yeah, we had groups of people, but we all got along and would talk to one another. It was none of that whole avoiding people situation or thinking less of another person. That is what my other school was like though. 😦

      Yeah, facebook is odd. People who talked to Rob and I on facebook, didn't really go up to talk to us at his reunion. The people who we weren't friends with on facebook did talk to us. It didn't make any sense to me. I guess they are filled in on us enough? I think my class will be more excited to see and hug everyone regardless of seeing them on facebook or not, but then again a lot of people in my class still hang out together constantly & have close friends.

  5. I’ve been really into making muffins these days, and including pumpkin puree or butternut squash puree. I think the next ones I will make will have zucchini. Gwen is going through a major picky-eating phase and it’s the only way to get her to eat veggies. I make them gluten free too, so I can eat them when I want! 🙂

    I am oddly looking forward to the reunion. It just seems like people are having a good attitude about it, and I really feel God putting aside my fears or feelings of inadequacy from high school. We’re different people, we’ve gone through so many years of different things, and the reality is that there were some really great moments with some people that I would like to see. I think it’s funny that they want us to bring CDs from high school. I have no idea where those CDs are!!

    • I guess I missed the CD memo. I think I saw on the mailed invite something about bringing yearbooks. . .but I won’t be bringing anything but myself and my bag. . .possibly my camera, but I don’t know about that. What type of CDs do they want to bring? Music from 1998-2002 or something? I will say Krissy messaged me a bunch and was kind. I truly do hope it will be fun.

      I don’t think I’ve ever had zucchini! I have always wanted butternut squash but never tried it other than getting a tiny bit on my fingers from the baby food I gave the boys. haha. Of course you make them gluten free! I have been seeing more and more gluten free stuff lately at the store.


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