We don’t really celebrate Halloween for several reasons that I won’t be getting into as it would be far too long of a post (one big reason is that Rob’s sister’s birthday is that day, so we always celebrate the day as her birthday). It is our personal decision and we don’t  pressure or tell other people to not celebrate it.

Now, before you say, “You are depriving your children of fun;” I promise you, that is not the case.  I was raised in a home where we didn’t celebrate it either, and I had loads of fun going to “harvest parties” dressed up as various things.  My parents even had Bible studies at their home where their friends would dress up and have fun bobbing apples and more, and then sing hymns & share scriptures together while in costume. It was pretty cool.  I loved opening the door for those who would trick-or-treat and give out candy while seeing how they each dressed up.  I could eat candy my parents bought me of my own choice, and none would get wasted.  Rob said to me recently, “It is strange how we teach children to not take candy from strangers and to not talk to strangers, but then we take it all back on Halloween by encouraging kids to go to strangers’ houses and take candy from them.”

I constantly dressed up throughout the years as strange things, as did all of my family members. I mean, even my oldest brother dressed a little like Robin Hood and his wife as Maid Marian on their wedding day (I was a pregnant wench). We love to dress up and have fun, and don’t limit it down to once a year.  My other brother “theme dresses” (long story). My parents were this way too as I grew up, though they don’t dress up these days.  They are still a bit nutty though.  I want to pass on the tradition of dressing up for fun throughout the year to our children.

I don’t have money for costumes, but thought it would be cute to dress my boys up as if they were from the 1920s or early 1930s (Rob called them Newsies! I love that movie!).  I asked them if they wanted mustaches, and Leto did, but Micah did not want one.  I took Rob’s hats, tie, and suspenders and dressed the boys up.  We ate popcorn (I don’t let them eat candy too often) after taking photos and they waited all day to show Daddy how handsome they looked.  It was a small party of fun.

I needed an “old style” shot as a memory. (these were taken last week, not on Halloween). Micah didn’t want to looks serious or keep his hat on though (it is still cute).

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  1. Awesome old time pics, Victoria. And we never celebrated Halloween with the kids either, They seem to have grown up untraumatized by it all!

  2. They are the handsomest boys ever.

  3. oh my goodness you have such such adorable little boys Victoria (well and Rob : ). These were so sweet and fun to see! That’s really cool that your parents dressed up and had bible studies and I always think seeing the trick-or-treaters is more than half the fun, so sounds like yours were always great as a kid and I def don’t see you depriving your little ones of fun/happiness haha! if anything I think most people would be better off to have been deprived of a little of the material/consumerism involved in most holidays, but i’m sure you expected that from me : )

  4. It sounds like you still had a fun childhood that time of year, just as anyone else would 🙂

    Your boys are so darn cute! They look like little old-fashioned Hollywood actors. I love your bow too, very cute!

  5. That is seriously the most brilliant idea for boys costumes (dress-up) I’ve seen this year! Kid’s costumes are outrageous and not even that well made. You look gorgeous too! And I agree – dressing up throughout the year must be so much more fun than limiting it to one night 🙂


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