The difficult part about doing my own photos for our Christmas cards, is that the boys can’t really take direction unless I’m actually behind the camera!  They were a bit difficult but we also chose places with too many shadows or too much sun (squinting is done often in these shots). I like the one I chose, but even that one does not have both boys looking at the camera. . .but in time it will work out. These are still cute and funny.

I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but I have had my Christmas cards made for a few weeks already.

Okay, so a spoiler. . I did put this one (below) on the back of my Christmas card (probably shouldn’t have), but it isn’t THE main picture.

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  1. cute family! pretty dress!

  2. aah you all are so beautiful! these pictures are great too, did you take them yourselves w/ a tripod? that forest w/ the fall leaves is incredible! and not that it’s important at all but just wondering, are you taller than Rob or just w/ heels?

  3. These are so beautiful. 🙂 I love the locations you chose and I also love your outfit. The shoes are so cute!

  4. These are beautiful! Kyle and I were going to take some, but never had time. Next year! I do feel you though, squinting/shade always seems to be an issue with taking pics. These came out great despite that (I think). I really like the editing you did here too.

  5. These photos turned out spectacular if you ask me…i love that your clothing and the editing makes them look like photos of some lovely old fashioned family…in the best of ways, I think I’d come across these in an antique store and they’d bring a smile to my face 🙂

    ❤ Cambria

  6. i love seeing the outtakes! these are really beautiful and very vintage looking – i love the dress you chose to wear. you have a beautiful family Victoria!

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

  7. So cute! We don’t usually do Christmas cards but there is this funny computer program that lets you combine the faces of people to create one new frankenesqe person – my husband and I considering doing that, and adding in our two cats and two dogs!


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