1. My cousin has a recipe blog and when she posted her Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, I had a hard time not salivating! My husband wants me to make her Ducle de Leche Pumpkin Cheesecake. I haven’t really had sweets in quite a long time. I was going for a 6 month span without eating any sweets, but was convinced to do so for special events/occasions after I think I hurt a friend’s feelings by not eating her son’s birthday cake in September (it was just her family and my family there).  I think I have had sweets only about 3 times and just in this past month and a half alone (too many times). I accidentally lost weight by removing it from my diet (about 9 pounds). I am thinking about baking the cookies for Christmas. I might have one only. We’ll see.

2. My friend Allison interviewed me about homeschooling and posted it on her blog.

3. World Vision put out a PDF file of an advent devotional called “Anticipate the King: Advent For a Servant’s Heart” that I just found and plan to go through.

4. I read a lot of books, and get them all for free from PaperBack Swap.  I have mentioned it before, but I really am so glad that I don’t have to pay anything other than to send books back out ($2.47 per book, but I have received more than I’ve sent out, saving me about $300). Some of the books I get look brand new. Crazy. Each book you send out that gets received, gives you a credit to get another book. I have a wishlist of 200 books that I want to read and when someone lists it, I can get it without paying a thing. It is quite fun.

5. Although I don’t go there too often, I do have a tumblr where I post photos from Doctor Who (classic mainly), vintage fashions (old vogue photos and actresses), and myself here and there. I didn’t post for a long time, but I’m back on it.

6. This year, buy presents for people in need around the world who can’t afford to provide for their families.  World Vision can give (with your help) 3 ducks, 2 chickens, and more to help a family have food or make money in a business so they can provide for their family. It costs $32 to educate a child in another country, or provide $300 worth of school supplies to a child in the US for only $25! Give $50 for Syrian Refugee Crisisseeds, tools and training for people in Africa for $30, HIV/AIDS care, Hope for sexually exploited girls, 5 Fruit trees for $30,  a fishing kit for a family, $18 for a bed net for a family, or a year of schooling for an orphan for a full year for only $70! Goodness, there are so many other things I could list!

7. The pictures above are from instagram. The two of me in the blue dress are from each of my reunions. One is with a classmate Laura (her boyfriend took the picture with his phone for her.  Wish I took some), one is with one of my best friends Rachel (why is it that we always have a similar type of outfit without planning)? One of my other best friends Laura had Thanksgiving with us. Legos are always all over the place in my sons’ bedroom.  My dog patience got a bad haircut and ran around like crazy in the snow. . .and then there is my obsession with taking pictures of Rob sleeping (I have so many throughout the years).

8. One of my other best friends, Emilee, is having a C-section tomorrow and I have been thinking & praying for her like crazy. She had an all natural, drug-free birth for her firstborn, but she had complications and almost lost her second daughter & needed an emergency c-section. She was hoping she wouldn’t need to have a C-section this time around, but it had to happen.  Please pray for her as she gives birth (to another beautiful daughter) tomorrow!

9. I’m probably going to be making these cute Christmas paper chains either today or tomorrow with my sons. Printing them as I type this. 😉

10. Listen on Spotify to some (45) of my favorite Christmas songs from a playlist I made last year (and will be/have been adding more to).

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  1. Love the pic of you and Rachel under the candles. Praying for Emilee, too.

    We’ve been giving World Vision gifts for a few years now. It’s fun to go through the catalog and select something in particular that we know would be meaningful for a family member to have given in their name.

  2. Awesome photos! I have a tumblr too, I used to have two, but I felt like life was getting crazy, so now I have one. it’s a little hodge-podge. I started watching some Classic Who though! I have gotten through 5-6 episodes with One. I am a little OCD sometimes, so I am starting with One. I am surprised how many are available for free online to watch 🙂

    Kyle has gotten quite a few books for me from paperback swap! We almost never buy new books unless it is a favorite author or something. I feel bad not buying new books because I know what it is like to work in retail and not get any hours because of lack of sales (I worked at Best Buy). But, I also can’t afford new ones either. So, I figure 2-3 a year is okay.

    Lovely Christmas music list! I love pretty much everything by Ella Fitzgerald. I am at work so I will have to listen to this list later, but I wanna hear this version of “DO you hear what I hear?” because I HATE every version of it. I want to like the song, but everyone who sings it (aside from little kids in a choir) annoys me. Also, I know you are not the biggest Zooey fan, but have you heard She & Him’s “It’s cold outside”? They switch roles, I don’t like it as much as others, but it is interesting.

    • Is that the version with Leon Redbone singing the other part? Two awesome voices.

    • YEYEYEY. Do you like some of the old episodes? Many were destroyed, so you will end up missing a bunch of them, sadly. 😦 I love “An Unearthly Child” episode (first Dalek episode). I am glad you are watching the old ones, since so many newer fans don’t even attempt to!

      I used to work at a bookstore. hehehe. I used to want to buy all the books and was mad that with certain books we actually had to strip the covers off of them and recycle the books. I used to say, “Why don’t we just keep them or give them out, rather than throw them out? That is terrible!” But we weren’t allowed to keep any.

      The Do you hear what I hear . . .the rest of the album by the artist is really great. I am not sure what you’d think of some of the songs, because a lot of them are focused on God. Let me know which ones you like! I chose a lot of ones that are not “typical”!!!

      I have that Christmas album and HATE how fast She & Him did that song. I like the version I picked. hehe. I do like She & Him, but yeah, not too fond of Zooey. Oh well. I’ll “get over her one day. I used to like her.

    • That “Do You Hear What I Hear” starts to change up a bit at 1:54 with really cool music that is pretty! bells & chimes & guitars and such. You’d have to hear the whole thing through and let me know your thoughts. Future of Forestry has 2 Advent Christmas albums that are really good. They aren’t a very known band at all (or guy. . I think it is one guy who plays all the instruments).

  3. Yes! I do like the First Doctor so far, I am curious about Susan, she is supposed to be a time-lord too. Yeah I looked it up and a lot of episodes from One are gone, even more from Two! Stupid BBC. I can understand newer fans not wanting to though, I didn’t want to watch them at first knowing a bunch of episodes were missing, but curiosity got the best of me.

    That is sad they would just get rid of books! Ugh! McD’s throws out food at the end of the night instead of letting co-workers take it home. The United States can be so wasteful!

    Even though I don’t practice any religion, I don’t mind songs about God. It’s kind of weird to some people, but I can appreciate how passionate people can be about the things they love. I like Mindy Smith a lot, and some of her songs are about God & Jesus. I’m an oddball.

    Lol, I kinda figured you would. I don’t like how fast it is, but I like how the roles were switched. Plus I love M. Ward’s voice and am annoyed he does not sing more with She & Him. His main focus is his own music, and Monsters of Folk, I get that, BUT I WANNA HEAR MORE!

    • Susan mentions she is from Galifrey and the Doctor’s granddaughter for real (which is why in a David Tennant episode he mentions he was a father before, because he had children, who also had children). I love the 2nd Doctor. He is a bit strange and funny, but I wish I could see episodes like “The Celestial Toy Maker”. My brother has seen the one recovered portion of it, but I haven’t.

      It is terrible that MacDonalds doesn’t hand out their food to homeless people, you know? There are people who NEED food and there it is. . .sitting in a garbage for the birds and animals to poke through instead.

      I wish M. Ward sang more on their albums too. Rob listens to M. Ward’s solo stuff. I love Monsters of Folk. I totally agree with you!

  4. Patience is just beautiful! And I must try this book swap business. I love books but have run out of room to keep them all.

  5. So silly how people get upset when you’re trying to do something healthy. i have gotten more criticism from getting ride of gluten and all sugar/honey/any sweetener but whole fruit than when I would occasionally eat total crap fast food.. i guess people want solidarity and dont want to feel bad about eating awful, wellt hat’s what i decided anyway. thanks for the great christmas playlist too, playing it now since i really havent listened to any at all this year yet, just too much working/studying. and love to hear you supporting World Vision, we are getting somethign similar for myd ad for christmas : )

    • That’s really wonderful that you’re doing that for your dad.
      As for the playlist. . .since that was going through my facebook that I deactivated, I now have that playlist and added loads of songs to it on my new account. oh well. Hope you enjoy the songs that are on there though.

  6. OH my gosh – you’re RIGHT — we always DO have the same-ish outfit on! Every time! That’s so crazy! 🙂


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