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Goodbye Autumn Decorations

In October, I put together a bunch of vases & jars I used, filled them with fake autumn-colored flowers & sticks, and made some bunting.  They were to be used for my birthday party (Nov. 3), but I loved them so much that I used them for our living room decor.  With our red walls we tend to think of it as a Christmas room (with the green stuff included in the room), which we love.  Adding autumn colors made it look very nice for the season! I am kinda sad that I’ll be taking these decorations and putting them away.  Now to work on Christmas decorations instead though! There were many things I didn’t photograph in the room, but oh well. You get the idea with these shots.




5 thoughts on “Goodbye Autumn Decorations

  1. Out with the autumn, and in with the Christmas 🙂 Not a bad thing to me…I just love this winter time of year 🙂

    ❤ Cambria

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  2. So lovely! We don’t really have Autumn here in Australia and I always remember watching Sesame Street when I was little and wanting to roll around in leaves like they were on TV.

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