ChristmasPartyYG_73[above photo of Laura and I from an ugly Christmas sweater party. . I’ll post more from this on my blog soon]

1. Thanks to Dus, who asked me to do a guest-blogger post about Fair-Trade items that might interest people to buy for others for Christmas (or to purchase throughout the year).  If you missed it, head on over to read it.  If not, go see her blog anyway! She’s super sweet!!

2. We’ve been thinking of investing in an Android tablet at some point next year to help the boys with loads of educational apps that they have.  I have seen a bunch of homeschooling moms that use them in part of their curriculum, and since Micah seems pretty bored most of the time with not wanting to pay attention to his school papers and what I try to explain to him (he gets very frustrated with many of it and walks away in a fit regularly), I think these apps could help encourage him in his educational journey.  Although I have Leto in 1st grade when most kids his age are in kindergarten, he was prepared and ready to move ahead. Micah will probably be in preschool one more year, and I think this can be very helpful.  We aren’t a normal modern-day family, as our kids play with toys and rarely do (nor want to do) anything that deals with screens in front of their faces (while Rob & I grew up glued to such things).  At the same time I do see where such technology can be a blessing. Have any other moms used tablets with apps as a way to educate your children? how have they responded?

3. We really have enjoyed learning about the various things about Christmas origins, as stated last time.  Now we’ve been studying and learning more about the  Messianic’s celebration of Hanukkah, and it’s truly inspired us so much and makes so much more sense to us as Christians (since Messianic Jewish people believe in Jesus being the Messiah).  We’ve been loving the idea of celebrating it next year (Nov. 28 – Dec. 5th).

4.  We have a very packed weekend ahead of us! I’ll be photographing a family, we’ll be photographing a wedding, performing in the Christmas Eve service at church, going to Christmas dinners, & celebrating Micah’s 4th birthday (on Saturday), I don’t know how I’m going to handle it, as I get very weak when too much is put on me at once. Please pray for me to have strength and that I won’t get sick.

5. For those of you worried about the world ending tomorrow according to the Mayan calendar (though we weren’t concerned at all, personally), NASA released this link to explain how the world is still going to continue on tomorrow. Pretty cool to read! Random thing about NASA by the way. . .Rob makes fun of me because I don’t say NASA correctly.

6. People have been asking what we’re going to do for our boys for Christmas regarding presents.  We’ve been planning for quite some time now to make them a tee pee like this.  We will probably make it on Christmas Eve while they are asleep (hopefully the noise won’t wake them up).  We were blessed by someone who gave us some presents for the boys and will be sticking the presents inside the tee pee for them to unwrap (we don’t have a tree).  We think they’ll really have fun and enjoy it.  I’ll definitely post photos of it (hopefully it will come out okay).

7.  I know this sounds more like something to do when it gets warmer out, but I think making mason jar solar lights sounds like fun.  I think I might try something like it eventually.

8. Although it may put a damper on your day, I read a lot of human trafficking news. I wanted to just share that there are many brothels filled with trafficking young women that have other names for it. One in Guam was in a karaoke bar.  I get sad in hearing news that women who were put into trafficking (no matter how old) don’t have justice brought to them, such in Tennessee where 3 men were acquitted their trafficking charges.  In Kosovo, 22 Moldovan women were working as waitresses but had to also be forced to perform sexual services.  A man in Pittsburgh, PA was charged for not only trafficking a young child forcibly into pornography, but for also owning so many photos of the young girl and posting it on the net. My heart breaks when reading news like this. A man who had been known of raping Harvard law students in the 80s, has now been caught for having his own prostitution ring in Boston. While a lot of people have tried arguing with me why prostitution should be legalized (I disagree, because of all the trafficking news I see), there was a study that found that legalized prostitution only increases sex trafficking (slave labor of sexual exploitation). Not surprised at all. Glad it is finally being publicized.

9.  Speaking of news, The same day as the Connecticut Newtown School Massacre, I read a report about how a man stabbed 22 children and a teacher in a school in China with a cleaver.  There is even a video of him attacking children. I didn’t see it talked about at all though in our country.  I was talking to my friend about it yesterday and she informed me that it has happened many times in the past couple of years in China’s schools here’s an article from 2 years ago about 5 of them. Why don’t we hear more news like this in the US? It is ALL terrible!

10. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen beautiful handmade tin ukuleles.  My husband has a ukulele, and it is sadly not that great and I did teach myself a song on it.  I think seeing things like how to make candy-tin ukuleles are so cool!!! Seriously!

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  1. Interesting about how legalizing prostitution can lead to increased sex trafficking.

    Those tin ukes are a hoot!

  2. That tee pee idea sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see pictures. And is it wrong that I think your ugly sweater is awesome?

  3. Oh the tablet sounds interestog! I have seen a lot of ads about apps for kids. Plus with technology being such a huge factor in our society, it would be cool for them to have access to something like that 🙂 Liam watches A LOT of TV at home, things he really shouldn’t even be watching too. My dad does not want him to watch so much, so I have been having him help me with chores. I love that kids think chores are fun at someone else’s home. He actually helped me cook dinner the other night. I think your kids will grow up more worldly than most kids because you teach them yourself. Not all teachers are bad by any means, but some always stuck out more than others (they just cared more, you know?) and I think it is wonderful that your children are able to get more out of education this way. You rock lady!

    I saw something on Twitter about you celebrating Chaunuaka next year, I think that is cool! The mason-jar lights look cool too. I have a lot of them left-over from my wedding, I may have to remember that!

    • You are such a sweetheart, you know that? Seriously.
      Yeah, I tweeted a few times about my excitement about next year’s Hanukkah! You’re a great big sister. That’s so awesome that you are trying to help your brother learn how to do things away from a TV. My kids only watch things on kids’ instant play on netflix, but I think the last time they even watched anything this week was maybe Tuesday for about an hour. I’ll probably have them watch a movie on Christmas (which will probably be the next time they watch something. . which is Tuesday right? ha..yeah they really don’t care for it, which is nice).

  4. Elliott and I were talking about that NASA link! Funny how the media didn’t pick up on that. I guess the “Mayan-end-of-the-world” thing became so imbedded in pop-culture that nobody actually wanted to know what the Mayans were ACTUALLY talking about. 🙂


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