[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

Bells Are Ringing 1960 (w/ Dean Martin, Judy Holliday, Jean Stapleton, Eddie Froy Jr., Ruth Storey) – 3.25 stars – A few women work the switchboard as operators and love listening in on conversations.  Ella however, tries to help some of the people that she listens in on.  She tries to pretend to be an old woman who helps out a playwright, but she’s falling hard for him.  This is a really amazing musical. I wish I had seen it as a child, because it has beautiful costumes and songs! It is grand.  I especially love the scene pictured here. . .it was cute. content:  a few men are at a nightclub where women are very immodest (but clothed), kissing, drinking, smoking, innuendos, misuse of the word hell


The Heart of Christmas 2011 (w/ Candace Cameron Bure, Jeanne Neilson, Erin Bethea) – 3 stars – A woman starts reading a blog about a woman. The story is based on true story of Dax Locke, a little boy diagnosed with leukemia (who went to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital).  His parents decide to give him one last Christmas before he dies.  Some of the acting in this was pretty bad, but the story was lovely.  I did cry.  content:  kissing, throw-up from a sick kid, cleavage

Good Luck Charlie2.25 stars – A family is going to Palm Springs for Christmas and everyone is going to have to adjust to a Christmas without snow. The family each take a different route down.  Charlie is a little girl who breaks so many things.  Her older sister records videos for her to explain things for her as she grows up. It really isn’t too much about her though.  You can only imagine how events can unfold in a cheesy Disney channel film (I love these haha).  content:  a teenage boy has his swim trunks down a little low with his chest showing, kidnapping, mother & daughter not really being too respectful to one another

Like Crazy 2011 (w/ Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence) – 2.25 stars – Two people meet while attending college in California.  They fall deeply in love and need to prepare for life apart, as the woman (Anna) needs to go back home to London & the man (Jacob) stays in the US.  I will say that the music with some of the scenes were quite lovely. It flowed and made you think of a bond happening between the couple.  It was a sad tale though, and definitely quiet as their relationship was not as vocal, and more hand-written at times.  They don’t show how it progresses slowly like a lot of movies do, but pretty much jump around through time, if that makes sense. It shows how a couple is happy with each other, and miserable otherwise.  It actually felt believable. The movie made me sad! Really sad!  content:  drinking, girl seen in a bra at random quick moments, immodesty, unwed couple in bed & bath (though the girl has on some form of clothing each time & the guy is shirtless), kissing (several times), cheating, the f word, men on top of women with implied sex (no nudity seen), married couple in a shower together (they are embracing, nothing is seen below the woman’s upper shoulder).

The Mistle-Tones 2012 (w/ Tia Mowry, Tori Spelling, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Andy Gala, Megan Kathleen Duffy, Jason Rogel) – 3.25 stars – Holly has wanted to be in the local Christmas group her entire life, because her mother started the group.  She has some great co-workers that she has grown fond of, and they all love to sing.  Although her dream was to be in her mother’s group, maybe making a group with her friends is what she’ll enjoy doing.  This was actually a really cute movie and I enjoyed it. You can see it on Hulu or IMDB!  It was an ABC TV Movie that recently aired.  I didn’t even know that the Mowry twins had voices, though I think I remember hearing they had an album? I was actually impressed with her acting in this (I always found them to be cheesy).  Although I am not sure if that was Tori Spelling’s real voice, if it was. . she impressed me at the end of the movie.  However, there was bits and pieces of auto-tune and that bugs me!!! What a cute holiday movie. content:  kissing, immodesty (mainly tween girls), a comment made to a woman by a man who said he looked down her shirt (and I thought she was pretty modest too), bare chested men with “dancing peck”. two uses of the b word (though one is drowned out in a scene, but you can still hear it), d word, improper use of hell
[screenshot taken by me]


Princess: A Modern Fairytale 2008 (w/ Nora Zehetner, Kip Purdue, Nicole Gale Anderson) – 1.75 stars – A princess exists in the US as if it is common.  She is a bit of a prisoner in her own home and finds an opportunity to have a date with a man outside of the castle.  There is something odd going on in the castle.  As they learn more about one another, life is harder for each of them to be together.  The graphics were pretty lame, as was the story. I couldn’t connect or feel drawn to the movie, though I tried to. content:  the d word, cleavage, a naked baby with a censored part, kissing

All I Want For Christmas 2007 (w/ Gail O’Grady, Greg Germann, Robert Mailhouse, Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak) – 2.5 stars – A widow loves her son very much. Her husband died when her son was 3, and he believes it is time she gets married.  He wants her to be happy.  Then there is a man who’s been a part of their lives for ages, but he is more like a friend than anything.  It was a bit . . .bland, though it wasn’t that bad! It definitely was a cute Christmas movie!  content:  d word, kissing, people talking about what they will do sexually without actually wording it that way, alcohol content (no drunkenness)

Holiday Engagement 2011 (w/ Bonnie Somerville, Shelley Long, Jordan Bridges, Sam McMurrary, Haylie Duff) – 2.5 stars – You know how I recently reviewed the movie Holiday in Handcuffs? This movie is a bit similar but also a little different. Here, we have a woman who has a fiance’ that breaks up with her, but she wants to bring one to her family to meet, because her mom bugs her too often.   This movie was a little boring but it wasn’t bad.  I think the story was already played out, so it was not unique.  The little love story wasn’t too unbelievable though.  content:  talk about circumcision, man’s chest exposed, kissing, some innuendos, deceit

A Christmas Angel 2012 (w/ Kevin Sorbo, Teri Polo, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Della Reese) – 3.25 stars – This was a really lovely Christian Christmas movie about a little girl who starts making wishes for people who are in need by throwing some rocks with her best friend towards an old house (with an It’s a Wonderful Life reference).  Only thing is that there is someone inside the house who is “working” the miracles.  It was very heartfelt.  I held back tears (but didn’t cry! Almost got me!).  I also figured that since I watched a Tia Mowry Christmas film earlier, I had to watch one with Tamera Mowry (though she doesn’t have a lot of screen time).  content:  kissing, bullying, kids punching  –   [screenshot from me]

Make it or Break It (2009-2012; seasons 1-3) – 2.75 stars – The story follows 4 young women gymnasts who want to make it to the Olympics.  They will do whatever they can to fight their way in.  One girl is only in the first two seasons, named Emily.  She really has a hard time in dealing with her mom who doesn’t try hard enough to provide for her two children.  She also has a love for a guy who is a musician, but she isn’t allowed to date while in her training.  Another girl, Lauren, is the most annoying character (at least in the first two seasons she is annoying, she gets better in the third season) – She is a selfish girl who just wants her way all the time and is willing to manipulate things to get her way.  Payson is middle class and is the good girl who lives by the rules (until the third season when her wings are clipped). Payson is at the top of her game and might have many challenges ahead of her.   Then there is Kaylie, who seems to have it all: a boyfriend, talent, and might find some challenges of her own that change her life.  The plots were a bit unrealistic at times and I liked Emily the most, but she is pretty close in age to me and when in REAL life she got pregnant with her second child (she’s married in real life by the way), they had to make her leave the show, which pretty much ruined the whole show in not having her afterwards.  To me, she was the ultimate main character.  I honestly only watched this because there were a lot of gymnastics things in it and I love gymnastics.  The rest of the show, stunk. Seriously. It had terrible acting.  I know some people who liked the show, so I watched it out of curiosity, but really wish I didn’t even give it a chance.  I also thought to watch this because the girl who played DJ in Full House is a Christian and played one on the show, and there were reviews about how it was good to see for moms & daughters togehter. I haven’t daughters, of course, but I took the advice into account, and am a bit disappointed.  content:  two girls seen in bras & underwear/lingerie,  kissing, bare chested men, bum cheeks hanging out of leotards, tight sportsy outfits, immodesty, talk about sex, teens having sex, teens drinking, teen pregnancy, deceit like crazy, eating disorder, bad language (mainly the b word), talk about Jesus & abstinence,  a few scenes of women in a strip club, cheating

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