In the summertime, Rob and I had felt so badly that Micah had to share a bicycle with his big brother.  We’ve wanted to get him one of his own since.  When we celebrated my birthday, some people gave me gift cards. I saved them to use for Micah’s bike.  I only spent $6 from our pocket on it, so it was pretty grand! As soon as we all woke up (which is usually at about 6AM), Rob and I waited for Micah to walk into the living room to see his present. He loves it. We look forward to seeing him use it over the next few years (it is adjustable)!

It is tough to arrange parties around Christmas (Micah’s birthday is the 22nd), but I asked Micah if he would like at least have some of his friends over for a brunch.  I made pancakes for my friend Brienne and her children.  My parents also arrived and gave Micah a present.  I gave them pancakes as well.

Later on in the day we headed over to visit my in-laws.  They gave a couple presents to Micah.  They recently purchased two kittens (they’re growing) and the boys loved watching them (but sadly both of them were reacting to them, Micah especially who had an official confirming test to state he is allergic to cats.  Medicine helped him).  The kittens’ names are Roxy & Jane, but Rob and I call them Luna and Artemis (after the cats from Sailor Moon).  We ended our time celebrating Advent (Rob read from the Bible & the boys helped Oma light the candles).

I asked Micah if he had a good birthday and he said he loved it. Thanks to those who helped make him feel special.

Happy Birthday Micah_4

Happy Birthday Micahthumb Happy Birthday Micah_7

Happy Birthday Micah_8

Happy Birthday Micah_11 Happy Birthday Micah_10 Happy Birthday Micah_9

Happy Birthday Micah_17 Happy Birthday Micah_16 Happy Birthday Micah_19

Happy Birthday Micah_22 Happy Birthday Micah_20

Happy Birthday Micah_26

Happy Birthday Micah_27

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  1. great pictures! happy late birthday little one!!!!

  2. Great photos!! In regards to the last, I used to hate when I was little and older women would leave over me and their chest would lean on the back of my head. haha, but that’s just me

  3. What a fun BDay for Micah! HBD, pal!


  4. Great photos as usual! He looks so happy, he loves his bike! So awesome you only spent $6 on it, you remind me of Kyle, he always finds ways to save money and get things pretty cheap!

  5. His happy face makes me want to cry tears of joy. 🙂

    I wish we lived closer so that your boys and my girls could be close friends for real and grow up together. Praying so hard that this becomes a reality!!!


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