For a few months we planned on making this teepee.  I posted recently a link of a tutorial of how to make one, though we did ours a bit differently. We took a twin sheet and wrapped it around the teepee and put holes in the sheet and tied it together at each pole with twine.  Everything else we did pretty much as the directions had said, though our poles are a bit larger.

Although this is our poorest Christmas we have ever had, and the last one we’ll have (hello to Hanukkah in November), we were extremely blessed by Christ!  We literally had no money for presents.  We actual saw $16 in our bank account and prayed it would stay there as long as possible or grow.  A friend and woman I’ve known more than half of my life stopped by and gave me a bunch of presents that were meant for her son, but she decided to give them to our sons. They were mainly craft type of items and matchbox cars and monster truck type of stuff, and so this is totally what they are into (and they’ve been using & playing with all of them).  I was blown away by this act of kindness.  Then we received a card in the mail from “the north pole” on the return address and inside was a giftcard of $100! Then the following couple of days we received two $25 giftcards to Toys R Us from another anonymous person. We have NO idea who these people were, but we did try to figure it out by the postmark locations (but still are stumped).  Whoever you are, and if you read our blog, we thank you SO MUCH for making our Christmas possible!!! It was such a huge blessing and we pray that God will bless your lives as you have blessed ours!

christmasteepee1christmasteepee2With the Toys R Us cards, we were able to get our boys Star Wars Transformers toys (Leto got a big one and Micah got two smaller ones).  With the $100 we got the tablet that we mentioned recently that we were going to invest in. Rob received a giftcard from his boss as well and the tablet was on sale, so it was perfect.  Our boys are already loving their educational games for their schooling on it!  On Christmas morning we found out that we received our state tax return (yes, it took all year to get, when we filed in February) so it was amazing to have money in our account so we can pay our bills without concern.

I bought Rob bowling shoes over a month ago for Christmas.  He had wanted them since the spring time (you may recall we go bowling for free between April or May through September).  Although I didn’t get anything on Christmas at all, today Rob bought me some very cool shoes as well (will post photos of myself in them soon).

Here are some photos from our Christmas morning.  We opened the morning with a reading from Luke 2.  Leto wanted to help Daddy read.  Micah and I sat on the couch to listen.  The boys then opened their stockings (matchbox cars inside), and then started taking their presents from inside their teepee.  Afterwards Leto gave us HUGE hugs and lots of kisses on our cheeks and said “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”  Micah smiled and gave us hugs.  We explained to them that other people provided the presents for them and to thank God ultimately for such wonderful toys for them to play with (which they did pray and thank Him)!

Of course soon after all this, Micah started to feel sick and he threw up and was just so warn out.  Many of you saw the instagram/hipstamatic picture of him falling asleep in the teepee.  Poor thing.

teepeechristmas_8 teepeechristmas_5teepeechristmas_12 teepeechristmas_10

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  1. That tipi is so neat! It reminds me of my fort building days in my childhood room AND with Rob in our own living room many many years later. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the e-mail, by the way. I’m going to respond shortly…

  2. It sounds like you had a very rich Christmas indeed, Victoria. Building tents and forts was one of my faves as a kid, so thanks much for sharing your boys’ experience here with us.

    New Year blessings on you all,

  3. AW! What a cute idea – I love this. And sucks that he got sick though – I feel so bad when kids are sick! It’s such a sad feeling to see them hurting.

    ❤ katherineof corgis and cocktails

  4. I friggin’ love that tee-pee! I have always wanted a fort, so this is the perfect compromise. So going to have to remember this one! I saw all of your tweets & instagrams, so awesome that you guys go the cards! I have been there with only a few dollars in my account-it is scary! Even worse when you get a fee for not having enough money in it or whatever. So glad you guys had a wonderful xmas, and looking forward to seeing you guys celebrate the holidays different next year 😀

  5. Lovely. How beautiful — both in regards to the teepee and the unexpected gifts.

    This story reminds me of the Christmas when you couldn’t afford to buy a tree, and someone dropped off a tree at your house. These types of things happen to us too. It’s amazing how much God listens to us and loves us. It blows me away. And your sons will be greatly impacted by these miracles.

    Next time we have a good chance to talk (or maybe a nice long e-mail), I’d love to hear more about your and Rob’s journey regarding Christmas/Hannukah.

    Love you, and praying for you!

  6. This post actually made me a little teary – what lovely people to help make you have Christmas presents.

  7. wow I am blown away by God’s goodness in reading this post! WOW! Girl, this is so amazing the way God answered your prayers. you truly do reflect Christ in the way you trust in him. so inspiring!!! have a great day, love Katie


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