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Bundled in the Snow

On the last day of 2012 it was so cold outside (maybe 17F) and windy, but we promised the boys that we’d play outside in the snow after they napped.  They wanted to build a snowman, though we didn’t get that much snow.  I have always adored photographing in the snow, but no one ever hires me during the winter season (for outdoor sessions) because of the temperatures.  Thankfully I can enjoy photographing my own family!

“God thunders wondrously with his voice;  he does great things that we cannot comprehend.  For to the snow he says, ‘Fall on the earth,’ likewise to the downpour, his mighty downpour.  He seals up the hand of every man, that all men whom he made may know it.” -Job 37:5-7

winterdaythumb10 winterdaythumb7 winterdaythumb3

winterdaythumb4 winterdaythumb2
winterdaythumb12 winterdaythumb6 winterdaythumb1

winterdaythumb5 winterdaythumb11

winterdaythumb9 winterdaythumb8



13 thoughts on “Bundled in the Snow

      1. oh goodness I should mail you the snow gloves j recently thrifted but that’d prob cost more than they cost. so you have any thrift sites by? we are always seeing gloves around here but perhaps that’s since not many use them here.but we do to bike to work in winter

  1. This is such a cute shoot and looks like so much fun! My son does not like the snow (he takes after his mommy…hehe), so we have yet to venture outside and play in it – one of these days….

    That’s a shame though that no one hires you in the winter. Yes, cold snowy weather is pretty harsh, but it makes for some of the prettiest pictures 🙂

    1. Yeah, I have never been one to want to play in the snow at all either, but I love taking photos in them so that is the most playful I get in it. The boys usually don’t like playing in it either, but this is the first time they really seemed to want to do so. Maybe in time your son would want to as well!

  2. “Thank you. I pretend I am on Hoth when wearing it.”

    Hahaha, this is excellent. I have a Chewbacca beanie and I can’t wait until winter to wear it!

  3. Lovely photos! I love how kids are almost never cold. It is good that they wanted to play outside, I have a hard time getting my little brother outside. 🙂 I love the last pic of you and those boots! I swoon!

  4. It’s amazing how resilient kids are to the cold. They just run right out in the snow or jump right into a freezing cold pool without a care in the world. I always want to bundle and stay warm! haha.

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