1. A friend of mine (Caitlin) is raising money to help a family who is suffering from tragedy.  Her brother had worked with a very wonderfully happy 6 year old boy named Obed.  She says that they were “best buddies”.  However, Obed’s home had a fire in it which left his older brother (age 8) in critical condition. Obed passed away in the hospital.  His parents & 2 year-old brother are okay. Read the story here.  Please help this family out and donate some money? She was able to raise over $500 so far as well as clothes, toys, blankets, etc. They could still use more! All of the money goes directly to the family. Send through paypal: boochaces@aol.com
Here are collected photos of Obed with Caitlin’s brother.

2. I wouldn’t dress my kids up as Tim Burton characters (they haven’t seen any of his films at this point in time, and I think they are far too young to currently), but when I saw these pricey costumes, I thought they were so brilliantly made.

3. I’ve been reading a 30 day devotional that is 2-3 minutes to read each day by Jarrid Wilson called 30 Words Book. It is about $4 on kindle & all those digital-type of book things.  It’s truly inspiring and helps as a reminder to go along with my own Bible reading.  I love how some of the time there are things he asks you to tweet (if you follow my twitter, you may have seen my #30WordsBook quotes).

4. Every new year, Goodreads puts out their reading challenge.  I always love seeing what people set goals at. My friend Allison is a 125 yearly book reader. It amazes me. My goal last year was 52, but I moved it up to 60, yet reached 70.  I made my goal 60 for the year.  You’ll be able to see what I am currently reading on the bottom of my page, by the way.

5. I do like to watch music videos from time to time online.  One band I have enjoyed over the past year is Fiction Family.  This song reminds me of The Beatles a bit. It is lovely. It is called “When She’s Near“.

6. Tomorrow is Human Trafficking Awareness Day (January is the month for it in general)! I was thrilled to see and buy some Emancipation Proclamation stamps at the post office! 150 years ago it was signed, but we still have 150,000-300,000 people enslaved EVERY year in our own country of the US! This is terrible. Most of it is sexual exploitation & forced prostitution.   I enjoyed watching the sermon session for Passion 2013 as they were going on live last week.  Today, I read in the news that a man in Florida received life in prison for exploiting girls as young as 12.  It is rare to see such a sentence!

7. I am glad that many people like my movie reviews.  A question for you: Which movie would you like me to see & review/rate? Let me know!

8.  As a lover of Double Stuf Oreos, I think I salivated a bit too much in reading how to make these cute sprinkled Oreo Pops!

9. This colored ice igloo looked like it took forever to do, but has an awesome result.

10. I’m already working on putting together my sons’ curriculum for next year.  They’ll be using mainly Horizons, Rod & Staff, Five in a Row, and Handwriting without Tears, A-Beka, Kumon, & Beautiful Feet!  I’ve had questions in the past about which ones I have used, but some of these will be new for me (mainly for Micah’s sake, for how he likes to learn).

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  1. Loved those Oreo pops, Victoria. Have you seen this magic trick with an Oreo cookie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXXJq-aAIhk The video is only about a minute long, but it’s a cool illusion that Justin Flom comes up with.

  2. I love that you read so many books! I really try to read a book a week, but the big, fat, fantasy novels get me every time. I know you will beat your goal again 🙂

    You mentioned wanting to see Nell, I really loved the movie. I know you normally post some warnings, there are a few nude scenes in the movie, and the topic of sex/loving making is brought up after some guys sexually harass Nell. Other than that, I think you might like it?


    • Some of the books I read were over 500 pages long, but you do read a LOT of really large books, so that is completely understandable to read at the pace you have! You do a great job, from what I’ve seen on your goodreads!
      Hmm. I think I’ll skip out on Nell now. 😦 I’m sad to hear there are nude scenes. :: sigh :: Thanks for letting me know!!


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