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Bye-Bye Baby Tooth

Leto had a loose tooth for a good full month.  I thought it would never fall out.  I used to always play with my teeth when they were loose, but he was so gentle with it.  I remember the first tooth I lost when I was 5 or 6 and I would push at it and pull at it the day it became loose. It was out that same day!

Last week, Leto showed us that his tooth was moving back and forth with full speed. I was all prepared for it to just come out within that first hour, but breakfast didn’t bring it out (with all that chomping down of cereal)!  By lunch time I thought to push ahead.  I offered him some crackers with jelly on it (a favorite snack of his).  He ate them all and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror at his tooth.  He pulled it up and out it came!

As soon as Leto showed me his tooth, I took these photos.  I gave him 50 cents for his tooth (they know the tooth faery is not real). He was so excited.  Now, before you go and tell me I’m a cheap faery (because a friend of mine said she used to get $20 per tooth), I want to let you know that I don’t want to spoil my children.  Leto has been learning about coins for a year and he enjoys counting them.  We are honest with our children, and they know that we don’t have much money as it is.  A lot of countries only make $1 per week and since teeth naturally fall out, the idea of giving money for losing them is still a bit strange to ponder.  Leto was thrilled to receive the money I gave him and didn’t whine or complain. I received a hug and two kisses in return (one kiss per cheek) so that was totally worth it.  As Leto gets older I’ll probably give him a dollar per tooth (maybe when he’s 8).






5 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Baby Tooth

  1. 50 cents is perfectly reasonable, I can’t believe what some parents are dishing out these days! I think the most I got was $1. Oh well, each family makes their own decisions. Congratulations Leto!! You’re growing up!

    Will you do anything with the tooth or just throw it away? I think my mom saved some of ours. Kinda yucky lol but probably sentimental to her.

    1. I am keeping his first tooth. The rest I’ll be throwing out. I have a couple of my wisdom teeth that I kept too. It is fun to have at least a tooth from each of us. If Rob ever has his wisdom teeth taken out (they are still growing, he’s a late bloomer) I’ll keep one of his too. Haha.

  2. My MIL is a dental hygienist and she gave us an album specially made to collect baby teeth in. We were pretty good about saving the teeth in the album for the first child, but I think not so much by the time child 2 started losing teeth!

  3. Awww! Good man! I don’t think 50 cents is really that cheap. I think my parents gave us the same, maybe a dollar but I honestly cannot remember.

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