1. I haven’t been on the Circle of Moms top bloggers list to vote for in a couple of years (last time I got to #31, I’d like to make at least #25 this time around).  I may be in the “pending” tab currently, but look for Justice Pirate in the list and vote for me!! It is greatly appreciated! I think you can vote once per day! Please help me out? I have a link also on the bottom of my page to click on for it.

2. I’ve been reading Slavery Today by Kevin Bales, and thought I wouldn’t learn anything new about human trafficking or slavery, because I’ve read dozens of books & news articles.  One thing that stuck out to me was the detailed history of slavery from the beginning of time through current times.  I didn’t really know much of the history of slavery between 1870-1940.  In reading the book, I learned that the first photo-documentation of slavery was done in the Congo during King Leopold II (Belgium king) had run “Congo Free State” as his own business for the production of rubber in 1885.  When a slave failed to bring a certain amount of rubber from the forest, they’d get hands & feet cut off them.  Activists photographed many slaves there and spent years presenting the photos to Europe & the US, when finally in 1908, King Leopold II surrendered & stopped his labor there.  Turns out about 10 million slaves were killed because of him. I was horrified to learn this news.  You can see some of the photos online. I will share one, two, and three photos (they aren’t gory  but it is still very sad).

3. This article is about the drastic eyelid & chin surgeries women in South Korea are getting lately. It is very sad to hear that they would want to be “Westernized” when they are quite gorgeous as they are already!!! Thanks Cara, for posting it on FB.

4.  I am sure some of you have seen my link on the top of my page that says, “Snailin’ It“.  I have updated it today with a new form.  I really hope more people are willing to sign up who want to write a pen-pal.  I currently have a young woman waiting from British Colombia who wants 5 pen-pals! I hate making people wait, so please sign up!  It’s been going on for about a year and a half to two years now! 37 people have been writing through it!

5.  I am excited about my new studio photography equipment I received from some of the payment from the wedding I photographed last month.  I have been using much of the same equipment I got in 2004, and it was time to get extra needs for the business.  I have more I will eventually purchase bit by bit as I do jobs.  I will be using some for future things on this blog as well as for my photography business. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

6. I am not usually fond at all with commercial holidays, but Rob’s birthday is next week & I love him loads and have been looking for Valentine’s Day things already for him (oh so many things I’d spoil him with), because I am obsessed with my husband! Rob doesn’t have his own wedding band really (while I bought a $30 white gold one on amazon for myself for our wedding day). He was given his great-grandmother’s ring but it is too loose since he lost weight & isn’t too “Robbish”, so I’ve been searching on etsy for wedding bands for him, since he’s been wearing his pre-engagement ring as a wedding band (we each have one).  He used to want an anchor tattoo on his leg because of a song from our dating years, so I was looking at this which is $20, but I don’t know (maybe it isn’t wedding band enough). If anyone has cheap and nice wedding band ideas, link me to it! Otherwise, he needs one tattooed. I like this idea of getting a scripture passage tattooed on fingers, but that verse doesn’t really work for marriage specifically. I don’t know if I would want a band tattooed on myself either.

Here are some remaining photos from the end of last year I never posted at all.
teepeechristmas_25 teepeechristmas_20 teepeechristmas_15

teepeechristmas_23 teepeechristmas_18

teepeechristmas_22 teepeechristmas_14


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  1. That anchor band would make a perfect wedding band I believe! ❤

  2. I agree with Cara! I think that band is awesome and the anchor could symbolize so many different things!! Perfect wedding band, for sure!

  3. Just as a heads up also, when I clicked on the picture of your sweet boys to vote for the Top Mom Blog, it took me to a link for Top Baby Blogs.. I’m guessing that’s not the correct site…? 🙂

  4. Oh I love the flowers in the pop bottles! (yeah, pop). I am planning on writing you back this weekend, I found some old stationary!

    lol, for some reason Rob’s facial expression is cracking me up. I think Kyle has made that same face at me before. Menfolk.

    • He usually doesn’t want me to take his photo. I get sad because I stare at him all the time and want to take so many photos of his face!

      Those soda bottles with the flowers in them are in my bathroom. brightens up the room a little.

  5. New photo equipment sounds fun! I’d love to see a post on what you use…sounds interesting! 🙂


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