You’ll be seeing my sons’ fashions posted more often now.  Although most of what they own are hand-me-downs or are bought by their grandparents, they do have some cute clothes.  I did post their fashions over the summer a little, but they have a lot of fun being photographed and are so silly.  I haven’t been posting myself in clothes as often as I had in the past (though if you have pretty dresses you’ll let me borrow that are a size small, I’d be more than happy to photograph myself in it and send it back afterwards, which I’ve done before too).  I thought this would be fun to do.

These clothes they are wearing today are from 77 Kids & Target.  Leto’s wearing Levi jeans from Target & a 77 Kids shirt.  Micah’s wearing a Target outfit (Shaun White pants).
I took Valentine’s photos of the boys here that are not below on my photography page.


THUMBvalentinesdayshoot17 THUMBvalentinesdayshoot16 THUMBvalentinesdayshoot14 THUMBvalentinesdayshoot13 THUMBvalentinesdayshoot8
My sons love one another.  Sure they argue each day over something, but they do everything together and consider themselves to be best friends.  They are completely different from one another, but it is great how well they get along.  I know people who have siblings who punch each other, but they don’t do that.  They wrestle for fun sometimes (laughing the whole time), but they are for the most part, truly kind to their big or little brother.  They give hugs and cheek-kisses to each other every day and can play together for hours without arguing (but as I said, it DOES happen every day).

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  1. They’re so stinkin’ CUTE!

  2. That is so sweet! And yes, they are fashionable little guys 🙂 My mom buy most of my son’s clothes too – she loves picking out stuff for him, so though I don’t ask her to, I don’t argue about it either…hehe. Theses photographs are really darling!

  3. Your boys are adorable. And you do their hair so nicely.

    Going over to vote now…


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