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When we visited Lynsie & Noah, we went to a fair-trade chocolate shop.  It was small, but so cute.  The bad part is that a few of the chocolates cost a bit of money, but then again the farmers of the cocoa beans actually get paid and are treated well, unlike other chocolate companies that are popular today in our culture (If you want to see graphic details of some of the beatings of slaves – mainly children get in the cocoa fields, just look at these images).

I went 6 months without any sugary sweety things at all, and it was time to reward myself.  Rob and I slowly ate these chocolates (our kids too).  We got the “Emergency Chocolate” for free with our purchase (great during menstruation haha), which was cool.  They were all delicious. I’m still working on the hot chocolate.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I know a lot of people are going to be purchasing chocolates for others.  I recommend going for ones that will be unique and slave-free.

If you ever go to Cape May, NJ, check out this cute shop called Louisa’s Chocolate Bar
Chocolate pictured below:
John & Kira’s
Lake Champlain Chocolate
Divine Chocolate (our family’s favorite)
Bloomsbury & Co

chocolates3 chocolates4

chocolates5 chocolates6 chocolates7


8 thoughts on “Chocolate!!

  1. Yum! Salted caramel! I never really consider the poor and cruel trade practices that go into chocolate. This will definitely influence my purchasing from now on.

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