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We celebrated Leto’s 6th birthday on the 2nd. It is incredible to think that he is more than halfway to 10 already. He was so excited all day.  It is no secret that we have low funds, so the idea of large parties makes us laugh.  It stinks that both of our sons were born in the winter-time, as there are limited ideas for parties, and we have a small home, so it is hard to have a lot of people over.

We had an idea of what Leto wanted for his birthday, but he constantly would tell us different things, so we decided to let him pick a present out under $25 (which he picked something for $20).  He had so much fun in the local toy store. It brought back memories of when I used to go up and down the same aisles figuring out what I wanted to buy for $5 at the age of 6.  When we got home, Leto built his new LEGO toy.

We were thinking of who to invite over. We know a LOT of people.  On Friday the boys got to play with their friends Tristan & Gavin which was so nice.  It made Leto happy to spend time with friends.  We didn’t know what we were going to even do for Leto’s birthday until the week before (but something happened which made us have to re-configure our plans slightly by a day). I invited Leto’s best friend Dominick & his family over. We knew that was all he really wanted to do, was to see him. They don’t get to see one another as often as they had in the past, and it meant so much to him to spend his special day with his friend. We thought, “We’ll just have them alone over for cake on Leto’s birthday.” We even asked them what time was best for them. That day my parents called and wanted to come too.  They told me my oldest brother & his wife also wanted to come, so I called and invited them (my other brother lives a couple hours away, though now I feel very badly that I didn’t invite him, but I only invited all the others on Saturday. . .the day of the event).

We all fit, so it worked out. Leto got a bunch of LEGO toys that he’s happily been building since.
The following day was spent with Rob’s family (sorry, we didn’t watch the Super Bowl & I still don’t even know who played or who won). I don’t have photos from it because my boys are allergic to their cats and both had puffy eyes & had to take allergy medicine there to help.

Leto said it was a very good birthday! Success!

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  1. awww! Little cutie! Liam loves Lego’s too, I think it is so cool that kids today play with some of the same things I played with 🙂 He looks like a happy camper! It can be awkward having people over for events when space is limited and funds are tight, but it looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. We so enjoyed being with all of you.

  3. Lego is the best. I probably would have picked that too!

  4. That looks like an awesome way to celebrate a birthday, Victoria. Fun pics, and I want some of that cake. (Then again, I always want some of whatever cake is available!) Sorry to hear about puffy cat eye syndrome, though.

  5. Oh my goodness – I read through this in the morning and am JUST getting to respond.

    What a lovely birthday for Leto. 🙂 That’s great that he got to pick out the gift himself — I always did that with my parents too. And he had such a great time with his friends!

    I can’t believe he’s already six. That’s just so unreal, and so wonderful. You have wonderful children.

    (It IS hard to do winter birthdays!! All my friends’ babies are born in the winter, except Matt and Evie’s little girl who was born in July. It’s hard to figure out what to do and the space to do it in. Gwen’s birthday was easy because we just let everyone free in our yard! I think it will be harder to figure out what to do for Birdie’s birthday — unless she’s a St Patty’s Day baby!!!)

    • Aww, I guess we wouldn’t be able to go over there as you had hoped to for St. Patrick’s Day if that is the case then. . .unless to go and visit you in the hospital. hehe. When is your due date again?

      It is crazy how fast the time has gone, but really nice. They are wonderful. ^_^

  6. that’s kind of you to invite his best friend and family over and i always think kids love little parties like this just as much as big expensive ones. i like the idea of letting him pick out his present so it’s a fun activity besides just getting the present. glad you all enjoyed the day – he sure is a pretty little cutie!! love his bright smile.


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