Outfit Details: Headscarf- c/o Lila-Jo | Shirt: Target circa 2010 | Skirt: Alloy circa 1999 | Necklace: American Eagle | Belt: Delias circa 2009 | Boots: Doc Martensbrickwallthumb1


I’ve worn each of these pieces before in posts, but never together, and I don’t take re-mix outfit photos ever, but that’s all I have these days, so that’s what you get. I have felt a little upset that I haven’t been able to post enough photos of outfits, because I’d love to.  I have what I have, and do what I can with what I have.  I actually get upset to find out that some people have dozens of pairs of shoes, dozens of clothes in their closets, drawers specifically filled with various stockings, etc. . .when I feel that even what I own is a lot compared to most in the world.  I feel guilty for what I own myself, that I don’t understand living with closets and drawers filled with things that sit there forgotten or pushed aside.  I know I’m a naturally heavily convicted person, and I pray often that I don’t worry about all the things others have that they don’t need.

It is a struggle. I mean, this skirt pictured here actually has a hole in it and a bleach mark on a part of the back, but I continue to wear it all these years. The shirt is starting to rip (thin material).  I don’t think people would wear out their clothes until they die, but I do so. I either sell something a couple times after I wear it (so it won’t die), or I wear it until it is destroyed. Once it is to the point of being really bad, I throw it out without regret (for it served its purpose well).  This skirt is so stretched out (from wearing it during pregnancies) that I can’t even wear it without a belt. I like it a lot though. I know you’re thinking, “You have had this fashion blog for this many years and are wearing raggedy clothes? You’re ridiculous.” Yes. I am. I like being me. Some things just don’t matter. Including these fashion blogging posts. Total truth. It won’t last. God won’t say to me, “Hey, Victoria, you know I really think those blog posts with your outfits were amazing.”  Therefore, if you see a drastic change in something in my appearance (perhaps next month or later this month), it is because I don’t care. I’m going to rebel and know that God will see my heart and people can judge my outward appearance all they want to, because it doesn’t matter. I dress the way I like to because I am fond of modesty and like to be me.

“For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” -1 Samuel 16:7b

It has been very cold here lately, and some older woman gave me strange looks as I was outside without my coat on and I smiled at her (as I do often to onlookers – most hold conversations with me) and she just looked at me and laughed (not really sure why though).

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  1. I love this mix! I could see myself wearing something like this 🙂 Haha, that is WHY 90% of my outfits are remixes, I can’t buy a new dress every week or whatever. I mix it up.

  2. You look so cute!! I love plaid – one of my favorite patterns. ❤

    And that skirt looks just like one (but longer) that I used to own! I had to get rid of it when it started to tear, but I loved it to pieces while I had it! (No pun intended! ;D)

  3. I think the outfit is lovely, and very you.

    It’s important to remember how much we have. Sometimes I look at more fashionable people than me and wish I could dress like that, but I have SO SO SO much. Also, I just don’t feel like spending the time on my outfits/hair any more — I did all that before I had kids.

    I try to think of how much we have in comparison to the world, just in general. Sometimes I am frustrated that our house is very small and guests have to go through our room to get to our bathroom or that Gwen will wake up if we go to the bathroom at a certain time in the morning, but then I”m like, “Rachel, snap out of it! God gave you a HOUSE of your OWN!” Even though we don’t own it, it is SUCH an amazing blessing and worlds from where we were four years ago when we lived in a bad part of Philly. We need to be thankful for what we have.

  4. You always look awesome 🙂 No matter what!

  5. I think your outfit is lovely! This issue is something I also struggle with, because I know God has blessed us abundantly!! I also know God has called us to give back with our time, talents and treasure. 🙂 I love being able to do that!

    For me, anyway, I sense a fine line between guilt (self-inflicted) and convictions (which I believe are from the Holy Spirit). I appreciate your post and the reminder to be thankful and content with what I have!

    P.S. I’m at the edge of my seat in anticipation over your hair 😉

    • I agree completely.
      I was convicted when I was first pregnant and rid of most of my possessions and it was freeing because of how materialistic I was. Now that I am older and still see that people hold on to so much, I get a little frustrated that God hasn’t convicted others as He did me with the same thing. . .but I know everyone has different ways that God leads them and some people just have different times when it will hit them too. It’s hard.


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