1. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through this timeline of Robots.

2. This set of drawings called Darth Vader and Son really warmed the Star Wars nerd & parent in me.

3. Micah making a snow angel appeared on Circle of Moms’ “11 Kid-Favorite Snow Activities” as well as something I said. I thought that was pretty sweet.

4. Once upon a time, I was a little girl. I had blonde hair. I had an obsession with Lady Lovely Locks (an 80s cartoon) who had blonde hair with pieces of other colors.  I used to play with colorforms I had of her too.  I now have an obsession with pastel colored hair. It’s getting bad & does remind me of Lady Lovely Locks type of hair.

5. One of my blog readers (Hi, Marleigh!) contacted me and let me know of her musical endeavors. I think you should all take some time out to watch this youtube video of a song she wrote.  She’s a very sweet girl who loves Jesus and writes music to glorify Him. To listen to more of and to buy her songs from her self-recorded album, click here.

6. I watch a LOT of Doctor Who (mainly classic episodes) and it has been my favorite show since I was a small child (around the time that it first ended in 1989).  I am sure those who follow my tumblr see my Doctor Who posts regularly.  There is a new companion in the new Doctor Who show who I am excited about (who has been in two episodes so far).  I will say that there weren’t too many companions in the newer show that I enjoyed outside of Martha Jones & Donna Noble.  I think Jenna-Louise Coleman looks like a mix of Christina Ricci & Nina Dobrev. What say you?

7. While I know many people enjoyed the Super Bowl on Sunday, did you know that it is the largest annual US incident drawing in human trafficking victims (specifically sex trafficking)? Here’s more about it.

8. Cookie Dough Brownies look soooooo good!!!

9. Just seeing if you’re still reading this.

10. Found this cute Doctor Who baby photo here. Felt like it was too cute to not post.


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  1. DOCTOR WHO BABY PHOTO! SO cute! AH! can’t get over it.

    ❤ katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  2. Great list, Victoria:

    Loved the Darth and son cartoons’ those were really clever and cute and funny.

    The snow pics were cute too; Micah makes quite a nice snow angel there.

    My favorite on the list was #9, though; I’m going to have to steal borrow that one sometime!


  3. D’awww! Who baby! I am excited for Oswin too! She seems really smart! I loved Donna too, she was so sassy. Martha I liked, then hated, then liked again. I want Captain Jack to come back 🙂 Are you excited for the 50th? They are supposed to bring back ALL the doctors!

    • I’m not too fond of Captain Jack, though I watched Torchwood as it was airing. I have yet to see the 4th season though! As for the 50th, I am excited but a bit nervous since 3 doctors are dead and all the remaining classic ones are all old and fat and I would rather my memory of the Doctors be of them as they were. I never liked the movies they did with multiple doctors at all. They had the 3 doctors which Hartnell was deceased at that time too, and then they had the 5 doctors as well. . I just wasn’t into it. :: sigh ::

  4. yeah I have heard that some people were disappointed in the “five doctors” one. I know that they are going to have one of the smaller cast members from Harry Potter play One and I have good feelings about that. Lol! I seriously am in love with Tom Baker, but he is a chubby old bear now! I really am curious on how it is going to pan out.


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