Outfit details: Flower clip – c/o Lila-Jo | Sweater/shrug top – given to me by a friend | top – Modcloth | belt – Delias | skirt – Alloy (had for 13 years)| shoes – Doc Martens (had for 7-10 years)




Doing: looking through blogs because I’m so behind
Listening: “Hold Me Together” by Loud Harp
Reading: Lotus Buds by Amy Carmichael

This is a semi-part 2 to the last outfit post I made.
The cold doesn’t really bother me much, but it really has felt cold.  It is okay though.  I was talking to a worker at the supermarket the other day and he brought up the weather, as most people in conversations do when you don’t really know what else to say. I said, “It is cold, but I take what God gives me.” He looked surprised and said, “I’m so glad you said that! I spend my breaks sitting on the bench outside and watch the people who go out of here.  Most of the time they complain about the weather saying, ‘Oh no, rain!’ or ‘It is too hot!’ or ‘I’m freezing here!’ when all they are doing is walking to their car and never seem happy.”  He said he lived in Canada for a while and that people here in New Jersey who complain about the cold would go crazy there, yet no one complains there about it, because they are used to it.

Are we truly content? I tend to be pretty laid back and content.  I have driven my husband crazy sometimes by saying, “We don’t need that. I don’t want it here. We don’t need it. You’ll have to deal with life without it.” He spoils me though when I want something, so I try to be more lenient on him lately (I really am a good wife, I promise, it is one of the few & most important things I am good at). He doesn’t really complain either. It is nice. I have a hard time teaching our children to be thankful for what they already have (it frustrates me so much). They have loads of LEGOs and always want more. I get mad because it seems like our parents buys the boys something every single time they see them. They expect things, and I don’t like that and don’t want them growing up unsatisfied and always wanting more.  When is the last time you wanted less or are cool with what you have? It is not easy at all in the culture we have, and even in the blogging world, which sometimes I thinks just adds to this problem. :: sigh ::

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  1. That top is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!

    I’m so jealous of all you NJ people! The snow here is WIMPY! We got 2-3 inches and it’s very pretty, but our yard is HUGE and I want to build enormous snow tunnels with 12+ feet of snow for my daughter!

    But at least we got something. “I’ll take what God gives me.” 🙂

    • Ah, well the snow in this shot is from Sunday, not today hehe. We did get maybe a foot and a half today though. Maybe two feet, but I don’t think so. Wow, building snow tunnels. . I don’t think I would even do that. How cool. I never was fond of being outdoors during the snow other than for photos or sitting still . . .still that way!!! hahahahahahaha.
      Thanks. I got the top in September during Modcloth’s huge 75% off sale or something they had. I am wearing it in my twitter picture. 😉
      You are so cute that you are excited to “take what God gave you” regarding the snow. hehe.

  2. love your top, such a cute collar!

    Drawing Dreaming

  3. Aww you do look cold in that first one! I love the top in this outfit, so cool that just switching out the top makes this skirt have a whole new look!

    Yeah I am strange and hate summer. Our last one was really bad, it was over 100 degrees most days and the power kept going out. We don’t have AC, so I would hangout in the basement. After the storm on the 4th of July (it was 104 all day, then it hailed), I sort of stopped caring. I told myself to suck it up and deal, and after that, I was fine!

    • I’m not fond of summer either. I prefer the winter to it as well! I love spring and autumn though. I totally would understand feeling as you do with dealing with that storm and being all heated up. I am glad you were fine when trying to have a better attitude towards the heat!!!

  4. cold bothers me – I’m the opposite! I cannot stand it. I could live somewhere that was annoyingly hot forever! This top is sooo cute – it’s adorable on you – and your floral hair clip is beautiful.

    ❤ katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  5. Lots of this post hit me right at home. Since we are saving for our home we have given up much of our “disposable income” money to the saving account. That means less shopping, less eating out, less trips. It was hard at first but after awhile you get used to living without those things.

    On the other hand, I love that top! Yellow looks wonderful on you and I love the lace collar. Oh and it looks so cold! I hate the cold so much. I complain when it’s under 65 degrees outside haha!



    Southern (California) Belle

    • Hey Ashley,
      Thanks so much for sharing about what you are doing regarding making sacrifices and how difficult and how much of a change it is for you.
      Thanks by the way! 65 degrees is totally the most perfect weather! I think I start getting cold once it hits about 52 degrees, but it has been between 7-20 degrees lately!!!

  6. oh goodness in Phx people are so so uncontent w/ the weather and it drives me nuts. like right now it’s freezing (for us) in the mornings bcuz we dont have the heater on but we can manage 50 deg around the house w/ layers & to bike to work in the mornings and it drives me nuts when i come in and everyone is complaining so much when they got to hop in a car not bike… and then come summer ppl complain about the heat so much when most buildings keep is so cold you need a cardi… so wasteful and ungrateful when we’re fortunate to have at least 6 months of wonderful outdoor weather.

  7. and and i got sidetracked on a rant a bit but I also wanted to say how pretty you look! although i cant believe you dont have a huge coat but i love the long skirt & mustard top on you.

  8. Lovely shirt you have! I definitely understand what you mean about being content – it’s something I really have to work on myself!

  9. “When is the last time you wanted less or are cool with what you have? ” Such an important thing. I often feel like I am just working towards the next thing I want to own/ have. Why? I already have so much. I should just enjoy it!


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