I wasn’t born blonde. It was cinnamon-brown.  It quickly turned to blonde after my first few months.  I was a blonde little girl. I hated being a blonde though.  My hair started to darken when I was 13. By the time I was 15 (second to last smaller shot up top) it started to look so funky to me as my hair was getting so dark up top, and it didn’t help that my ends were bright blonde and my roots were a variety of colors (blondes, browns, and reds combined to make a greenish sort of tint).  Around the time I turned 16, I dyed it brown. then red. The red continued until I dyed it to what I believed to be my natural color (light brown) for my wedding (age 20).  A few months later (age 21) I dyed it a yellow (last smaller shot up top) and I was disgusted by its results and decided “No more blonde for me”. I went back to red for a long time again (until I dyed it brown a couple of times over the pats year & a half).

Now you’re wondering, “Why blonde if you hate it so much?”
The answer is, I am not done. There is going to be a different color soon. I need my hair to turn white (platinum blonde) before I go to the next step.  I am trying to like this blonde while I have it. It may be another week that I have it this way.

I don’t usually post my “fashion inspirations” on my blog (that’s what my tumblr is for). There are some blondes (mainly fake blondes) that I had always liked their sense of fashion, films, & had photos of them on my walls, & I tried to be or wanted to be them when I was a child/ pre-teen/teen. I thought I’d share them with you here.


1. Doris Day (my favorite actress ever . . so too much to say)
2. Sandra Dee (my second favorite actress ever. . too much to say as well)
3. Haley Mills (my childhood obsession)
4. Veronica Lake (my mom was concerned when I tried styling my hair like her as a little girl – mainly covering my face w/ my hair)
5. Jodie Foster (I tried to dress the way she did in Candleshoe & Freaky Friday. . and I loved Bugsy Malone – watched all three regularly as a kid)
6. Lalla Ward (who played my favorite Doctor Who companion ever “Romana II” in the 1970s, so I obviously wanted to be like her as a child).
7. Deborah/Debbie Harry (I played Blondie’s LPs a little too regularly in my pre-teen years)
8. Usagi Tsukino & Minako Aino (aka Sailor Moon & Sailor Venus/Serena & Mina in US – I was watching Sailor Moon in 1994 at 6AM for years & was mocked for my obsession. . They are my favorites from the show.  Then it became popular on Toonami/Cartoon Network in 1998 so I started watching the unedited Japanese version with subtitles which are a million times better which got me into hundreds of other anime never televised in the US).
9. Christina Ricci (who was a blonde many times & in various films.  She was the first modern-day actress I enjoyed since her days in Mermaids, since I am still fond of classic actresses to this day & don’t really like too many otherwise – there are some of her films I will not see, but I’ve grown up with her in a way, since she is slightly less than 3 years older than me).
10. Kristen Bell (I’ve been fond of her for only about two years bc she seems like an every day real person. I’ve seen a bunch of her acting now & haven’t been disappointed).

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  1. I LOVE Kristen Bell! Veronica Mars was my favorite show for a long time. She’s so down-to-earth in interviews too, and I love that she has an obsession with sloths. Whenever I see her in an interview, I think, “I would totally be friends with her.” She seems so goofy and fun!

    I think you look so lovely with yellow/blonde hair. I’ve always wanted to try platinum blonde but have always been too afraid. Hm. Maybe I’ll just do it sometime in the next year. I know I want to go back to red, so maybe I’ll do blonde first and if I hate it, then I’ll just go red. It’s not like I have much hair to ruin right now anyways!

    • I haven’t seen any of the interviews.
      With the pixie you have now, I am sure you can try ANYTHING on your hair. I usually dye my hair every few months because I have to buy so much stuff to do it with all this hair. It takes a long time. . .especially getting it lighter and lighter lately.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with your hair! I’ve been seeing previews here and there and you’ve totally piqued my interest! 😉

  3. I like it. It suits you though it’s very different indeed.

  4. ALL your inspirations I love! I’m a huge fan of Doris Day and Hailey Mills (who I actually used to pretend to be when I was younger…hehe). You look very pretty as a blond – I have a feeling though that you are one of those gals who looks gorgeous in any hair color 🙂 All your childhood photos are adorable! Can’t wait to see the final color ❤

  5. reminds me of my favorite rapunzel film 🙂

  6. Hahah, are you going purple? because trust me, it’s high maintenance!


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