kissysilliesAs a child I always dreaded Valentine’s Day because it meant that I’d be made fun of just as much as the other days but little boys’ & girls’ mothers would make them give valentines to everyone in the class. They’d ignore me completely that day.  At one time in 3rd grade I had a crush on a boy and gave him this champagne shaped bottle with candies all inside of it.  He liked it, it seemed, but my mom got a call from the teacher complaining since it was in a champagne looking bottle so the teacher was concerned. After that I stopped handing out valentines to everyone.  The girls were mean to me and never gave me valentines, though one girl gave me a Sailor Moon valentine in 8th grade because she thought of me when she saw it, and that touched me.

Although I did have “long-term” in-school boyfriends in 5th grade & in 7th-8th grade, I don’t remember getting any valentines from either of them .  I’m pretty certain I gave them cards and probably candy.

When Rob and I first became a couple, I had either laryngitis or bronchitis on our first Valentine’s Day.  He came to visit me when I was sick in my bed surrounded by used tissues (which I didn’t have a bed, just sheets on my floor. . long story).  He gave me a dozen roses and a card. It was sweet. It made me cry. For years afterwards though, I only recall one other Valentine’s Day in which he ever got me something (a bunch of Pro-Flowers back a few years ago).  Although we have been a couple over 12 years now, I have learned to accept that Rob is terrible at giving me cards or presents (he’d admit it). I rarely get them on any birthday or holiday.  It used to hurt me a bit, but I’ve adjusted & accepted it, and decide to not build up hope that I’ll get anything because then I’ll be mopey all day (I am low-maintenance & a cheap date but I like feeling like a queen for special days).

This morning I gave Rob a card and he said, “I was hoping you wouldn’t do this because I didn’t get you one.” I even warned him a month ago to prepare, but I knew he wouldn’t.  I told him that I figured he would not have given me anything, so I bought something for myself “from him” (a shirt from Sevenly for this week’s cause being Freedom Firm, to help rescue girls from sexual exploitation and slavery). I did get Rob a couple presents (inexpensive) that haven’t arrived yet. He knows about one of them (A vinyl record of The Selecter’s Too Much Pressure).

The truth is that Rob loves me & I haven’t any doubts about it. Spending money on me won’t prove his love to me, especially on a day that most wives expect their husbands to buy them something.  We won’t be going out to eat tonight, and that is okay.  I won’t be lavished with chocolates or teddy bears or things like that, and that’s okay (I’d eventually throw out the teddy bear as it is probably. . I’m not good at sentimental possessions, just memories & photos).  We have been bound together through Christ Jesus and adore one another. That’s most important, I think.

This Valentine’s Day, buy gifts that will change lives!
I adored World Vision’s little cut-out Valentines here. Aw. Please consider sponsoring a child with the one you love! You’ll be providing a child, their family, and their community in a third world country with clean water, medical needs, educational needs, agriculture needs, etc & will be able to build a bond with them every step of the way of your sponsorship with them!  If you have any questions about World Vision and sponsorship, please ask me (I’m a volunteer WV Child ambassador).

Showing love to those who have nothing or who have had their entire lives stripped away from them from human trafficking issues is a great way to celebrate today. If you haven’t a Valentine, show love to someone else anyway! I made this fundraising page a year ago to help raise $1000 for Love146 who restores young girls who have been rescued out of brothels who were exploited and prostituted.  They help bring medical attention, therapy, a way to interact with others who understand them, and get the opportunity to be educated and gain skills so they can thrive & not enter back into oppression!

Give to orphans through Lifesong!  So many children feel unloved and there are great Gifts of Purpose you can choose in order to help them!

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  1. Fantastic post. Thanks for the great reminder on Valentine’s Day! There is so much more to this holiday than the shallow, superficial stuff that’s become the norm.

    ❤ Cambria

  2. That’s exactly what we did for Christmas! Both holidays go so much more beyond all that commercial stuff that everyone makes it out to be – I always dreaded Vday in school too. I was always the gal who didn’t get the cheesy carnation from the boys…that’s probably a good thing 🙂 The hubs and I will be celebrating over dinner tonight – nothing overboard but will be sweet indeed. I’m a true believer in celebrating with little acts of love every day.

  3. The way you and Rob relate to each other is always heart-warming for me to hear about, Victoria. Thanks so much for sharing this with us today.

    On getting something for my wife, she made me promise not to get her a present, not even a card. But she didn’t say anything about a blog post. When I sent her the link to my piece today, she emailed back that I had made her cry, and she wrote LOVE just like that, all caps. Mission accomplished.

  4. that’s really awesome you’re supporting world vision on vday! i def prefer to spend my money on things that matter or even a thoughtful gift we really need than a crazy amount on flowers, which i never realized before how much people actually spend and it blows my mind. but anyway, your school sounds so different than mine, I think we were just forced to give vday cards to everyone but i also always dreaded and got sad about vday in hs and now J & I dont really do anything.

  5. I think the idea of giving a donation instead of flowers of candy is a lovely one – there is a actually a big campaign here in Oz to do this with local charities.


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