February 27, 2013

Blue Things

Doing: cleaning
Listening: “Thread” by Now, Now
Reading: Sold by Zana Muhsen

bluethings13thumb bluethings8thumb bluethings4thumb bluethings3thumb bluethings2thumb bluethings1thumb


bluethings14thumb bluethings12thumb

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  1. You got me, Victoria. I went through those pictures enjoying the blueness of each, and the THERE YOU ARE!

    Ha, nicely done! And your hair looks cool too.


    P.S. I think Rob should color his hair bright red and then your boys should go with purple. Because red and blue make purple, you know.

    • haha. Yep. Thanks.

      Rob’s hair dying days are done. He had blue hair once too (but brighter and it washed out faster, mine won’t). He also had red hair, blonde hair, and black hair. Now he doesn’t like having hair and shaves it, so no red for him. My boys won’t be allowed to dye their hair until they are maybe 16 (at least when they are teenagers). They aren’t interested in dying their hair right now anyway, but like touching my hair a lot and telling me they like it and find it beautiful. haha.

  2. Squueeee!!! lol, I think I still have that very same R2D2 somewhere at my parents.

    But, the hair!! I love it, so pretty!! I was never able to do this as a teenager, parents would not allow it. Then a few years ago I tried to due it purple & burnt it. But you, SUCCESS! 😀

    • Burnt it?? How?? I’m so confused to what would cause that!!
      That little R2-D2 is my kitchen friend. He stays by the window to keep me company when I cook dinner. haha.

      • I burnt it with the bleach mix, I left it in too long and it literally fried my hair to bits. It looked like straw and kept breaking off.

        Aww! How cute! I need to go find mine now!

      • ah. My hair didn’t break at all. That sounds terrible to fry off hair!!! There were a very very few strips of my hair that felt like straw when it would dry (mainly just a couple pieces in my bangs only), but when I would touch them, they’d go back to normal. My hair feels wonderful now (no straw or anything). I know how to get it healthy again though.

  3. LOVE this post! 🙂 You look beautiful as always. I always said I wanted to dye my hair blue but just never got around to it. Elliott thinks I should do something crazy, but I think I’ll go back to red a few months after Birdie is born.

    I went on a cleaning kick this morning. Some say that’s a sign labor is near, but I think it’s just my personality, especially since I’ve been bedridden for two and a half days. There was LOTS of cleaning to get done!

    • I like the red on you. I’ll be calling you Julie Andrews more though if you go red, now that you have the pixie. . .beware. haha. Have fun with your hair no matter what colors you decide on. You could always do FIERY red!

      Are we going to your place on St. Patrick’s Day? Let me know. . obviously labor stuff would be an issue around that though!

      Nesting! I did that so much at 37-38 weeks with Leto. . but obviously he was born at 41 weeks, so I don’t believe it, plus I love to clean and often anyway. haha. I would think being bedridden would make a cause for wanting to tidy up and clean like crazy though. Who knows, however! Maybe you are nesting!

  4. Love the blue hair! I have an R2D2 salt and pepper grinder. It’s amazing.


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