1. I adore these photos and the craft idea for making Valentine’s Day bow & arrows with case.

2. I’ve always loved VW mini-buses so when I saw this tent I laughed and thought it was amazing.

3. Do you like Mix-Tapes or playlists? At A’la Mode St., I got to participate in choosing my top 3 favorite love songs to be added as a playlist with other bloggers’ choices. I hope you’ll take a moment to see the post and listen to all the songs! I listened to every single one!

4. I love reading manga & manhwa (Japanese & Korean comics).  Last year I read about 70 manga & manhwa (but never posted about it like I did with the books I read on top of them).  I love that someone made a manga to spread the gospel of Jesus about. If you are interested to learn more, see this link.

5. I adore love stories so much.  This is short but adorable. A man who shows much love to his wife with Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Some human trafficking news: A man gets 40 years sentence in Texas for using phones & the net to traffick girls into prostitution.  A Georgia man was arrested after a woman called from an Applebees restaurant explaining her story to police in hopes they’d help her. A 13 year old in London was forced to be a sex slave by 3 men. A man in the Philippines was recruiting male and female teens and forced them to do sex acts & learn to do them through porn, but 60 of them were rescued. Florida man given 15 years for trafficking after he was strangling & beating a victim. This is one of the biggest ways that men lure women into prostitution and I encourage you all to read this story as it is so sad. An 18 year old exotic dancer in Michigan was beaten whenever she tried to leave her pimp & not do what he told her to do, and he kept all her money and beat her to get her last dollar.

7. Spring is coming and I want flowers about, and I think this would be an easy and good idea of putting flowers around my home, and my walls are pretty empty.  Now let’s hope Rob will help me out with it.

8.  I obviously don’t have any little girls, but I always love when I find things like how to make play kitchens from old nightstands.


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  1. HA! He looks cute in that pic! You and my friend Mariah, with the RDJ! She hates all of the guys I like and always says “Why can’t you like someone normal like RDJ” (sarcasm).

    The human-trafficking stores are always so sad, I hate seeing what these women go through and when they finally get to safety, the men only get 15 yrs-that man in Florida?? That is horrible. These poor girls, it is so hard to adjust to a ‘normal’ life after, and worse to know that those men can get back out.

    I will have to check out that playlist next time I am cleaning, it is the best way for me to listen to music!

    • RDJ is the only one I find attractive, but I never noticed him until about 2006 when I watched one of his movies and thought it was Rob. . they have the same facial features and have a lot of similarities or I would probably not really notice. . but yeah. . .You have odd taste to me too hahahaha. aw. That’s okay though!

      15 years is much better than the 6 months of prison that I saw a lot of guys get just a year and a half ago! The fact that many are getting life sentences or 20+ is amazing. I know what you mean though, that these women have their lives destroyed forever, while these guys can get out in time to continue destroying other young girls’ lives when they get out.


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