windeffectsIt has been a while since I’ve posted about homeschooling.  Lately, the frustrations have been grabbing me by the throat and I just get so easily annoyed when my sons don’t want to listen to me.  With Leto it is that sometimes he gets so easily distracted by what his brother is doing (and sometimes tries to tell Micah what to do after I already told him) or doesn’t seem to want to pay attention to something I am reading to him (history lessons is where this really only applies).  For the most part though, Leto is an excellent student and is willing to take the time to learn new things and excels mainly in Bible and Math. Micah is a stubborn little boy who doesn’t like following directions the way I tell him. If I tell him to start things from left to right and top to bottom (to help him learn to read and write) he’ll want to do the exact opposite as a form of rebellion.  He doesn’t like to apply himself too much, but he’s been improving a lot and longs to do better. I’ve increased the amount of work I give him because he asks for more!

I’ve always been impressed by the projects from this homeschooling family, where the children go to their Nana’s house for art lessons.  All of the children, regardless of age do the same project in their own way.  I have seen them do this for the past year or so and wanted to join in with their projects!  Although I don’t have pastels at the moment (will do that soon), I am big on oil pastels (my favorite medium).  However, I was so bummed out that the activity art kit that someone gave me a while back (which was previously used), had the most dried out and awful oil pastels I’ve seen (they act more like crayons instead, which bugged me, but I sighed and was able to survive – guess I’ll have to look into getting a few art supplies now).

Recently the family posted a great “Wind in the Tree Chalk Pastel Tutorial: Art in Motion” project.  I really loved it and sat the boys down and showed them the pictures that the family made.  I explained to them about how we can’t see wind, but know it is there because of the effects from the wind.  They definitely know what wind can do, since Hurricane Sandy caused a tree to fall on our house (so when they think of wind, they think of broken trees at this point & wind being a bit scary and messy).  I told them that God is similar to wind, as we can’t see God, but we see all He does and what He’s made and how He works in people’s lives, etc.  I continued to explain about warm colors and asked them what colors they’ve seen in trees. Leto said, “brown and sometimes green!” I explained that there are so many shades of colors in trees, while so many times people just think of one specific (dark brown).  God also causes some people to think of simple answers for descriptions of Him but He has so many unique attributes that we can’t even see or understand Him fully. I asked them what colors they have seen in leaves when it is Autumn.  They said “Orange, red, and yellow”.  I told them we were going to make the same type of scene that was depicted in the tutorial with mainly warm colors and with the sky being a cool color because wind tends to be cool.  I was sad that I couldn’t spread any colors around with my finger as I was used to, but it was a start for the boys for now until I get better materials.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the outcome of the project (you can click the picture to see the artwork better).  I had fun, as did Leto, but Micah was so frustrated and didn’t really feel like doing it. He got angry and made 2 other drawings that he threw out and then he felt better about his third (Leto and I only did one).  I guess being 4 is harder than I thought.  I don’t know if this attitude of his will continue, but hopefully he’ll be more patient next time.  I honestly don’t draw at all anymore, but I used to enjoy drawing a lot as a child and teenager (it was all I would do while listening to music in my room).  This really only took about 5-10 minutes for me, but the boys took about 30 minutes.

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  1. Those drawings are wonderful, Victoria. And i love how you used wind and the colors of nature to explain the nature of God to your sons.

    In one of those awesome coincidences, I was just at another blog ( where we were talking about wind the unseen attributes of God, and I mentioned the Billy Graham quote: “Have you ever seen the wind? I’ve seen the effects of the wind, but I’ve never seen the wind.” Wise man, that Billy.

    And I remember that pic of your house where you all got an up close view of the effects of the wind. So glad all of you can use that for a lesson now and not have to live with a hole in your roof any longer!


  2. There was a link in that comment…I think most people haven’t noticed.

  3. It’s nice too see sometimes post with sense 🙂
    The description of Micah it makes me smile 🙂 You have a great blog, I have one too! If you want to have a look at it, it would be so nice 🙂

  4. Seriously? Your boys are AMAZING artists! Wow! I was especially impressed that Micah did that drawing at FOUR YEARS OLD! They are both really gifted.

  5. Wow Victoria – you can already see that at such a young age your boys both have strong artistic abilities – much like their mommy 🙂 Reading about homeschooling always really intrigues me. I’ve seen both good and bad aspects of it – the bad being parents that don’t make an effort to properly keep up in the educational process with their kids and the kids really falling behind academically, but it’s something I always was interested in looking into (I had such a bad public school experience growing up). Even though at times it’s frustrating, you seem to be doing a stellar job – I’m always impressed by all you do with your sons!

    • Thanks!!

      Oh wow. that stinks about the ones you know of who had parents who didn’t really work enough with their kids!!! I’ve only known examples of homeschooled children who excel in academics (I know about 10 who graduated from homeschooling and about 25 who currently are homeschooled), but I do know of ONE bad example of homeschooling, but they were only homeschooled for high school and they did it from a computer with their mom never teaching them a thing.

      I’m so sad to hear about people who have had horrid public schooling experiences! I have known many who have had such experiences. I had a great time in public school, but a bad time in Christian schooling, sadly.

  6. This is a really beautiful idea for a project – and I love how it turned out. I can actually remember being young and being frustrated when my drawings didn’t turn out like you said Leto was. I find it hard still – it’s frustrating! Your home schooling seems so smart – it’s so interesting to read about how you do it.


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