[Outfit Details: Top, Tights, Skirt – Modcloth | Headscarf – Garlands of Grace | Shoes: Lulu*s]CottonCandyLady1thumb

cottoncandyladythumb2 CottonCandyLady8thumb

cottoncandyladythumb1 CottonCandyLady4thumbTo explain the blue hair (going into a seafoam green color): A few months ago when I was dying my hair brown again (in early October), my sons and I went to Sally Beauty Supply to gather my materials.  The boys saw the colorful hair dyes that normally I never saw for sale there (I figured it was for Halloween).  They said, “Mommy you should dye your hair blue!” and then, “Mommy, how about pink hair?” I said to them, “Mommy’s colorful hair days are long over now.”  They seemed disappointed and then picked out my brown dye (I’d choose two or three shades and they’d pick which they thought would look nicest).  I told my husband about their blue suggestion and he said, “You should do blue! It would be really nice.” I gave them all looks like they were crazy because I feel “too old” now to have colorful hair.  Then I turned 29 (Nov. 3) and started to just dread that I am now living in my 30th year.  I let my husband know in January that I was going to go for cotton-candy blue hair after really enjoying seeing photos of people with various colored pastel shades and thinking blue would go well with my eyes.  Rob said, “I think that would look great!” I was very excited about it but hated that I’d have to be a blonde for a while before getting it to where I wanted it.  It worked out well and I love the result!  When it fades out I might try out other pastel shades (we’ll see).  When I turn 30, I’ll go back to brown (which I also like a lot).

Throughout February I bleached my hair several times (5, all shown above), trying to get it white before dying my hair blue, because any signs of yellow color makes your hair green (hence why I have some greenish tones, but I think they look great.  Blue and Green are both my favorite color and I can’t choose between them as it is, so it was cool in a way to have some green in this).  How I got it this blue color, you ask? I just bought a huge bottle of regular conditioner, put it in a bowl (with all this hair I used the entire large bottle of conditioner, probably 32 oz).  I put some Manic Panic Virgin White toner in and mixed it with the conditioner (I probably used 6-10 oz of toner).  I then took some blue hair dye (Ion Sky Blue) . . .a very small amount (the size of a quarter to a half dollar – with less hair you’d need less blue) and mixed it in.  I let my hair sit in a processing shower cap for about 45 minutes before washing it out. The final blue phase picture you see is not how I kept it though. I did dye my hair one more time after that so it would be lighter and fixed up a lot of the green tones (which the result is in the above photos posted with the outfit).

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  1. LOVE IT! I used to have blue streaks, but always preferred purples and pinks with my skin tone. I’ve been thinking about doing pink again lately, but haven’t. Not because I feel too old, but because of the hassle! My hair is finally all natural and super healthy after dying it so much in high school, and I like being able to do next to nothing to it, whereas dying would be a lot of work. So I’m going to live vicariously through your blue!

  2. I love it!! I want to do some thing with my color once I have this baby, but not sure what. I was trying to get back to my natural color b/c I had kinda forgotten what it looked like, but unfortunately I have a lot of gray now. I just turned 32, so I should expect it, but I am really really self conscience about it.

  3. This looks amazing on you! Like an anime character. I went through a purple, pink and white stage this year but just found the upkeep was too much. The purple would fade to grey in about three days and I couldn’t be bothered redying my hair each week.

    • I never thought about what purple would fade too. I was thinking about maybe doing a couple lavender strands maybe in a couple of months but I don’t want grey looking hair. . .so nevermind. I’ll stick to other pastel tones. hehe. Sorry there was so much upkeep. Did you wash your hair a lot? I only wash my hair 2 times a week. I think that will help my color stay in longer.

  4. Wow! I used to also dye my hair a lot. In high school and such, but kept going between black, white and fire engine red – the “boring” colours. 😀 It took a toll on my hair and now I keep it either natural or streaked. I wonder how your hair holds up to all the bleaching? You have such beautiful long hair, does it not get damaged?

    • This was the first time I have bleached my hair since 2004 and I keep my hair really healthy and know how to take care of it, so my hair is pretty good right now. I think a lot of people are amazed at how little it is damaged after bleaching it for a month! It must have been crazy to go between black and white so regularly when you were in high school! I don’t really think going back and forth between them and fiery red are “boring” at all!! I have a friend who used to dye her hair the same colors in high school and I loved it.

  5. You look AMAZING!! The blue color changed to sea green that quick? I rarely wash my hair on normal hair color and even more rare when I had my hair blue! I’m not sure if you like that it changed to sea green, but I like this a WHOLE LOT!!! You look absolutely ethereal. That’s so funny that your Rob suggested blue. My Rob suggested blue too, and that is how I landed on that color. You can NEVER be too old to change your color, I think. That is just society’s perceptions. Who ever put an age on hair color? I’d be jumping for joy, all giddy, if I saw an 80yo woman with pink hair.

    People around me are so close minded with hair colors though. When I changed my hair to a normal hair color, a lot of them said, “this is way better on you.” I don’t think that’s supposed to make me feel good :-/

    • Thank you!!!
      It went to green because parts of my hair was still yellowish when I put the blue in, so it didn’t wash out to it at all. . .but I like it. I wrote that I liked it the sea green at the bottom. I don’t wash my hair as often as normal people in the US do which keeps my hair healthier. That’s funny that you saw an 80 year old with pink hair!!
      I’m sorry people reacted poorly to your hair color. 😦

  6. You look like such a beautiful forest faerie with that hair color 🙂 I used to have darker blue streaks – but that was in my punk phase back in high school. I wish I could pull off a cotton candy color like this! My fine hair would have broken off by now if I put it through such long process. Beautiful!

  7. Okay stop being so fabulous already! I love everything about this post. You, your hair, your outfit. I know it really doesn’t matter one bit what I think but it makes me so happy that you dyed your hair blue and that your family wanted you too. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to get that blue streak I’ve always wanted. 😉 xxx

  8. […] pirate hat. 2. Leto blowing bubbles. He could do this for hours and hours. 3. Remember when I had cotton candy blue hair? I couldn’t eat my hair but I like eating blue cotton candy in all its sugary goodness. 4. […]


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