Outfit Details: [Shirt & Skirt & headband – Modcloth | Shoes c/o Payless | glasses: Coastal | Necklace: Zazastory ]

For the past few weeks I’ve been listening to the birds and watching the geese return from their travels.  It did snow last Friday, but it has since melted away.  Suddenly other people have been noticing the birds chirping and now the time has changed in preparation for spring and the sun’s rays are warm in midst of the cold weather.  Spring is my favorite season, and always has been.  It is when things begin to grow and become new.  I want my soul to be renewed each day, as if it were spring time.  May you seek refreshment from living water!
“For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” – Revelation 7:17


springiscomingthumb1 springiscoming30thumb springiscoming25thumb

springiscomingthumb3 springiscoming28thumb springiscoming12thumb

springiscomingthumb2 springiscoming10thumb springiscoming9thumb

As I was writing this post, I suddenly was reminded so much of some of the outfits I’ve seen of my mom from her high school yearbooks from the late 60s (but her skirts were shorter).  She wore a lot of peter pan collared items with flats and ribbons in her hair.  We explored a high school in our area (not the one we went to and not the one my mom went to).  Here’s a shot of my mom as a reference.

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  1. Haha! You’re hair almost matches the railings on those stairs!

    Your hair color is lovely, by the way, and I love your outift! ❤

  2. I am still loving the hair! I really love this outfit, something I would like to wear to work or out and about. I love that you guys explored a high school, I always want to wander around college campuses. Your mom looks very sweet! I love the photo!

  3. These photos are beautiful – it looks so sunny and warm out! I love that photo of you and yours – adorable!

  4. oh wow your mom looks like she had adorable style in HS! yours def has a retro feel that resembles it as well and i like the neutrals w/ your blue hair! fun to explore and old campus and glad you’re enjoying the beautiful reblomings of spring! love the diff angles you got here & of course you & rob look adorable. how did you get shoes C/O of payless btw?


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