[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

The Circus 1928 (w/ Charlie Chaplin, Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy, Henry Bergman) – 3.25 stars – I probably will never rate a Chaplin film lower than 3 stars in general.  This was about “the tramp” going into a circus and accidentally finding himself as a sensation in the show because he’s so accident prone.  The ring master is a bit strict and hard on his daughter and “the tramp is starting to fall for her”. This movie had some really great scenes and it was funny! My boys were laughing the whole time too.  Aw. content: acrobatic wear (men and women), a man throws a girl around a bit and mistreats her, punching & kicking & hitting people with objects


Cowboys & Aliens 2011 (w/ Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde) – 3 stars – Jake wakes up not knowing much of anything about himself, if anything at all.  He has some sort of bracelet on his arm.  When he goes into a small town, he might find that he has more in common with them than he understands: aliens.  The movie was a unique story.  I have never read the graphic novel in which it was based off of though.  I think the movie would have been better without the language throughout it.  I did enjoy it.  I just wasn’t blown away by it.  content: violence (punching, stabbing, shooting), murder, man’s bare chest seen, bad language: (d word, b word, God’s name used blasphemously x4, the s word, misuse of the word hell), drinking, a man drops his pants (he has a long shirt on that covers himself), torture, dead animals, woman’s petticoat seen, blood, woman wearing a wet slip (erect nipples seen), smoking, the back of a woman seen (she is looking at people who see her front-side though), immodesty, kissing, gruesome images, scary creatures

Stand Up and Cheer 1934 (w/ John Boles, Shirley Temple, Warner Baxter, Madge Evans, James Dunn) – 3 stars – This was a fun movie with great musical and entertaining sequences throughout it.  A man who is a Broadway producer in The Depression is asked to try to get the people out of their slumps of sadness and hardship through his business. Many people try to just approach him and get their own way.   content: the use of the word “dam” used correctly but in a way meant incorrectly as a swear through a pun,  immodesty (much of the costumes)

Midnight in Paris 2011 – 2.75 stars – (w/ Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Michael Sheen, Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Tom Hiddleston – 2.75 stars – It is a Woody Allen movie about a screenwriter who wants to write actual novels.  In Paris with his fiancee (who seems to just mock him most the time), he goes off exploring by himself.  Somehow he gets into a world of the 1920s in Paris where he meets other famous but dead writers & artists. He even gets to listen to and watch Josephine Baker (in a quick scene where they don’t even mention her name, but I love her music).  The beginning of the movie was pretty boring, but once he goes into his other world, it is very fun. and then it gets boring again towards the end.  It is a shorter film, but feels so long to me. It could have been a much better movie and the idea was cool and all, but my attention span is bad and it didn’t capture it enough.  content: hell used incorrectly, immodesty, sexual talk (“she was an absolute volcano in the sack” and such), kissing

Footloose 2011 (w/ Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid, Ziah Colon, Andie MacDowell) – 3 stars – I’ll be honest with you. . .I never ever liked the original ’84 Footloose, so if you are a diehard Footloose fan, I’m sorry.  I’ve been yelled at before for my disliking it.  I have a huge love for 80s movies, but that one never caught on because the plot STILL sounds ridiculous to me!  A bunch of kids died in an accident after they went dancing all night and were drunk.  The town bans dancing as if that was the fault of the deaths of the kids rather than their irresponsibility in general.  This remake has the same plot.  The music is still just as bad in this movie too, if not worse.  the content in this version is much worse than the original (though I do remember bare buttocks in the original, there was no nudity in this one).  Some nice cars in the film though.  The dancing is better than in the original in my opinion too.  The movie is still as bad as the original though (not sure if I liked it more or less).  I do like the Biblical aspect brought into this film by “Ren McCormick”.  I’ll tell you, there were so many amazing dancers at my own high school that I totally could say that this COULD be a for real thing to see at a school.  I had a unique high school though (and loved it).  content: talk about having sex & other innuendos, immodesty, disobedience, underage drinking, sensual dancing, language: d word, b word, a word (large and small), s word (a few of them), smoking, kissing, dangerous competitions, girl takes her shirt off in front of many people with her bra on, weed seen, girl getting hit, someone showing destructive behavior, punching/fighting, a kissing scene where a guy starts to grab at a girls’ breasts while she has a shirt on

Abduction 2011 (w/ Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver) – 3 stars – A teenager is trained by his father for fighting while in his own home.  He suddenly realizes that he is a missing child when doing a school project with the girl next door (his long lasting crush).  Now his life has changed and he’s on the run.  This movie wasn’t that bad, but honestly Taylor Lautner isn’t that great in it (though not terrible either), though Lily Collins is a sweetheart.  I like her. content: teens appear to be drinking (and drunk), immodesty (girls in bikinis, some revealing clothing), some bad language (Jesus’ name used in vain, h word, f word once, s word a couple times, d word), a make-out scene where the girl is straddled on the boy and he also lifts her as he stands up with her legs around his waist, violence/killing/punching/shooting

Not Without My Daughter 1991 (w/ Sally Field, Alfred Molina, Sheila Rosenthal) – 3.75 stars – This is based off of a true story (I haven’t read the book yet, but plan to).  Betty married an Iranian man and had a daughter with him a couple year later.  Her husband misses his family and wants to go visit them, but Betty is scared because of the news she has learned of violence in the country (the movie takes place in 1984).  She and her husband have a grand marriage, but when they get to Iran for two weeks of vacation, he begins to change and she’s not liking it.  This movie was really interesting and I know that her situation happens to a lot of other people.  I’m so glad I saw it!  Sally Field is always wonderful in movies.  content: there is a slaughtered looking animal at one point, woman gets hit a lot, a woman said “God d— you” a couple times to state that they people were going against God for deceiving her (but I can understand how it could sound blasphemous instead), language (d word, small a word), woman in a slip, a man was going to violate a woman but nothing is done or seen


Something Borrowed 2011 (w/ Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski) – 2.5 stars – It’s Rachel’s 30th birthday and her long time best friend is getting married to the guy she had a crush on in law school and has been in love with the whole time.  Things are changing and Rachel doesn’t know what to do as she cares deeply for her best friend and she is trying to figure her life out and feels it is passing by. A lot of this movie had terrible characters, though I realize there are probably a lot of people in the world like them.  I would have enjoyed the story more if there weren’t blips throughout it that would have been wonderful without such things (see content).  That is how it goes though sometimes. The love story is sad. It is also a friendship story too.  You know the whole time that someone or some people are going to end up hurt. . .and that is life. content: immodesty, drinking/drunkenness, people go home together and wake up in bed together (sheets covering parts, woman’s shoulders and legs seen and the guy’s chest is seen). noises of sex, a guy watching (what appears to be porn) where two women kiss for a second, a woman watches scenes from a particular movie where the husband shoots his wife (and tries to drown her first), inappropriate dancing, a guy pretends to be gay and makes advances on another guy at one point, language (s word, small a word, b word, d word, h word, God’s named used blasphemously, 1 f word), kissing, mentions of male and female reproductive parts

The Trouble With Girls 1969 (w/ Elvis Presley, Marlyn Mason, John Carradine, Nicole Jaffe, Sheree North, Edward Andrews, Vincent Price, Joyce Van Patten) – 2.25 stars – This story takes place in the 1920s.  Elvis plays a manager of a tent show called Chautauqua. It was pretty interesting to see the many acts. The story follows a few characters (such as two kids).  There is one scene where you look at things in the perspective of a little boy, and if you get motion sickness, it might bother you (I don’t get it, but my husband does).  Really, the plot is all about the tent show, but the story drags a bit until halfway through when they find a dead body and try to figure out the murderer.  That was an hour in, people.  The costumes are lovely throughout it.  The colors are so vibrant and pretty too. Boring though. content: d word 3x, ba word (drowned out by loud noises), hell used incorrectly, immodesty (short skirts, a woman falls and you see her underwear), racism, smoking, kissing, dead body seen in water, drunkenness, a woman semi-kidnapped

Boy Meets World (Seasons 1-7, 1993-1999) – 3 stars – First off, I was never really interested in this show when it was being aired, and I don’t know if I would have been allowed to see it (I know Girl Meets World is coming soon). I did have a couple Rider Strong posters on my walls in 1995 (but I wasn’t too into him and took them down after a few months).  I remembered only about 3 of these episodes, which shows how little I saw of it (and they were all from very stretched out seasons).  The show follows Cory Matthews and the life he leads at home, with his best friend, with the girl he likes, and with his neighbor who is also his teacher throughout his lifetime.  We see how he grows and the lessons he learns.  I didn’t really care too much for the show as I hoped I would.  I laughed at things that happened here and there and I thought the love story throughout it was sweet too.  I now understand why make-out parties were so huge in 7th & 8th grade, and probably because this show encouraged them.  There were a lot of things I didn’t enjoy such as how womanizing is encouraged throughout the whole show.  I also thought one of the worst moves they made was completely changing the little sister’s character & how she acted in the beginning and how they replaced her with a snotty little girl.  The mother had the worst advice throughout the whole show and I couldn’t stand her most of the time.  They completely blotted out the fact that Topanga had an older sister and it was as if she grew as an only child, oh and they gave her the same father for the same few seasons and then changed her parents 2 times and made them seem different than how they were.  I am into consistency, is all.  Eric Matthews bugged me until they made him extremely dumb to where he had the most hilarious lines ever.  Cory and Topanga were sweet and it was fun to watch them grow as a couple (and I think they did a pretty good job in that story).  Shawn hunter was consistent and had the best growth.  I enjoyed the bits and pieces they brought into the show regarding God, but hated when things would get bad, it was the only time they’d bring God into anything, the rest was “do whatever you want without much moral backbone”.  Topanga changed a lot from how strange she was (which I loved) in the first seasons compared to how normal and boring she was later on.  I was sad she cut her hair (I have very long hair too, remember).  I enjoyed the many guest stars throughout the show.  I think the father in the show did an awesome job. I don’t know what else to say because this is large enough and I am trying to smush the seven seasons into one small review.  Mr. Feeny was very inspirational.  content: girls in sports bras, girls and women in lingerie, immodesty, kissing (it is painful watching pre-teens kiss, pretty gross), make-out scenes (a lot of them), drinking (underage, drunkenness), girls getting pushed around here and there, girls treated like objects, guys in boxers, underwear on, and chests seen; some language throughout the show, making fun of others, trouble making, pranks, disobedience, abandoned children, pre-marital sex is never looked down upon until the last season (though there are two who are virgins in marriage), innuendos and sexual talk, fighting between kids (some punches pulled), bullying, and there may be more content that I am forgetting

A Child is Waiting 1963 (w/ Judy Garland, Burt Lancaster, Bruce Ritchey) – 3.25 stars – A school for children with mental disabilities hires a new music teacher who takes a liking to one child in particular named Rueben who is autistic. The administrator of the school is not fond of her favoritism though.  It was interesting to see this subject dealt with in the early 60s, since today it is so common for children to stay in their own homes rather than forced into institutions that you forget how many children were once treated back then who had various problems.  What I love about this movie is that the children in it were indeed different than “normal” other than the lead boy (from what I could tell, though I assume this was based on a true story from how they told it).  The movie was trying to show that the children should be treated kindly and need love, which was cool, since a lot of people today still treat children with these handicaps to being better off dead (yes, many people sadly believe this, which to me makes them more mentaly challengedl than the people who have real mental disabilities).  It was filmed in NJ at Vineland Training School which is still around under another name now. The most annoying part of this film is that it was very quiet throughout it. It is a sad story too.  I think most people would be bored by this movie, but I was intrigued.  content: the word “retarded”, d word, “hell” used incorrectly, smoking


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  1. These are some thorough reviews! Of all these, I’ve only seen Not Without My Daughter. Definitely worth watching!

    • Yeah, a lot of people tell me they haven’t seen many movies I review (I don’t know if that is bad or good). Glad to hear you have seen Not Without My Daughter and liked it too!!! Thanks for reading!

      • The fact that I have not seen it is not at all a reflection on your taste! I rarely watch anything! Seriously. I don’t think I have sat in front of a TV screen since before Christmas. I usually go for films that are not mainstream too. And when I DO watch a film I like to make sure it’s going to be worth my time first! So keep up with the reviews! Thank you!

  2. I never saw Not Without My Daughter, but my wife read the book and loved it. I think the reason I don’t watch movies like that which are based on true events is because I get enough of that at work.

    We’ve wanted to see the new footloose, and even recorded it on DVR once. Or so we thought. It turned out that while the listing said it was the 2011 version with the new actors, it was actually the Kenny Loggins version. That one’s a lot of fun, though I still fellowship with people who say otherwise!


    • Kenny Loggins was in the original Footloose? I know Kevin Bacon was. I thought Kenny Loggins was a singer. . or did he do some of the music? Now I’m just confused.

      I can understand what you mean about movies like Not Without My Daughter. I want to read the book! Glad to hear your wife enjoyed it.

      • Loggins and the film’s director are old friends, and he agreed to do the theme song. Much of the film’s success in reaching a broad market is credited to his song. The film had a lot of top actors in it, but I always think of it as being Kenny Loggins’s movie!

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