1. My oldest brother and my husband Rob started a Doctor Who podcast called Who’s On.   They discuss episodes as they come out & bring in correlations at times to classic Doctor Who.  Even if you have never seen classic episodes, you might find it cool to learn connections of things from old episodes.  They’ll mainly say their thoughts on the actual episode though, so no fretting, newer Whovians.  They have discussed The Angels Take Manhattan so far & will be discussing the Christmas Special: The Snowmen this weekend.  The new season is almost out, so they really hope you’ll enjoy their show!!  Like them on Facebook too, please! They’re on twitter too.

2. Shamrock Shake. Need I say more? I’m going to make it for Rob ❤

3. It seems everyone is talking about how sad they are that the Google reader is going bye-bye, but that is because they now own feedburner.  However, I always use bloglovin’ to read all my blogs.  I know I have a lot of e-mail subscribers (which is awesome), but if you use bloglovin’, please follow me there.  I used to have over 700 Google reader subscribers but it seems to have gone to about 80 people who regularly read my blog which is not a bad thing (and only a handful regularly comment – thanks for that), yet I get 3,000 hits per month.  I take what I get; it is just drastically changed!

4. I want more date nights with my husband, but we don’t trust many people to watch our boys and we don’t have a lot of money to go on dates, so we tend to be homebodies.  I read through this great list of 32 Stay-at-Home dates.  I doubt we’d do them all, but there are some cute ones!

5. One of my best friends (Laura) is going to be in the Middle East for a few months at a community center as an intern (& missionary) and needs about $1000 left to be able to go there. Please help donate as much (or as little) as you can (even if it is $10) to help her out. She’s been raising money for months and has only a few weeks left before she leaves!


6. If you can’t tell yet, the news articles I read up on are human trafficking & Christian persecution, because they aren’t talked about enough, which is very sad to me.  41 people were killed in Nigeria by suicide bombing by Boko Haram this week; an extremist Islamic group that for the past year alone has been going on mass killings of Christians (every single week I’ve read of them blowing up churches or killing Christians around Africa).  This was the biggest number I’ve seen in the past nine months (usually it is about 10-20 people, which to me is still heartbreaking as can be).

7. Our family is learning Hindi & the Devanagari writing for it (well, I’ve been learning the writing, the rest are learning to speak it so far).  We have CDs & a book to teach us, but I’ve enjoyed other sites like this one and this one to help out.

8. Read one of my best friend’s (Rachel) birth story of her second child Amelie Eden that she just had. Yey! I got to meet her on Sunday & hold her!!! You can see photos I took of her here too.


9. Speaking of Human trafficking news: Operation Poker Chip’ Nets 7 Human Trafficking Convictions in Oklahoma City, 34 Toddlers were freed from slavery in a brick kiln in India!,  18 yr old charged with trafficking a 14 year old runaway into prostitution (takes 48-72 hours for a runaway to get picked up by a trafficker by the way), A man in Georgia is going to get up to 20 years in prison for trafficking over 20 women (who were runaways too),  5 traffickers in Kolkata, India were charged for rape and trafficking girls in a brothel

10. Spring is Coming, so I made a small playlist to celebrate. (you can also listen to it in another window)

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  1. Shamrock Shakes – woohoo and yummy!

    Great pic of Amelie, and yes I’m envious. Oh well, I’ll look at the photos from 3000 miles away.


  2. Thanks for the link to the date nights at home! Elliott and I canNOT afford date nights out of the house, so usually we just stay in and watch a TV show on Netflix.

  3. THEM SHAKES. You will have to let me know how they came out! Awesome playlist and I hope that you and Rob get to try one of those dates! Alone time is nice when you get it!


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