visittosimkothumb1 visittosimko5thumb visittosimko4thumbI recently decided to try Stitch Fix, which chooses clothes based off of a bunch of information given about your sizes and interests in various fashions.  A stylist chooses clothes they think would be good for you, sends them to you (with an automatic credit put in by you of $20) and you can choose what you want to keep or send back (and pay the balance for what you keep, they include a pre-paid shipping bag).  I figured that I’d at least test it out.  I came home to a box filled with various tops, this skirt I’m wearing in these photos, and a dress.  I tried them on for Rob and we didn’t really like most of what I got. I was bummed out.  This skirt looked lovely but I was going to send that back too (sent everything else back).  Rob liked the skirt on me and said I should keep it. It was also one of the least expensive items on the list, thankfully.  I don’t know if I’ll try Stitch Fix again in the future, but it was fun to be able to try things on and send them back without having to go to a store.  I know my measurements really well, but even the skirt was a little big on me. The top I’m wearing in this photo I’ve had for a few years, I think from Forever 21.

Random reactions to my hair (since I’ve had it this color for a month now), If it helps at all, I’m not a shy person at all:
-When I go to the supermarket, there are these two girls who are cashiers and they stare at my hair and smile so big with stars in their eyes and always say they think I’m a mermaid.  It is hilarious and cute.
-An old woman of about 80 years of age at the supermarket put her lips to my ear and said, “I love your hair. Gorgeous!!”
-2 men in their late 60s/early 70s asked me if my color washes out or if it has to grow out.  Then they asked if I dyed it this way for Easter. Then one said he thought it was beautiful.
-A woman who looked like an older grandmother and her granddaughter who seemed about 14 or 15 years old started to laugh at me when they saw me go to order some food for my family.  I turned their way and smiled very kindly and they stopped their laughing and looked so guilty and upset that they were laughing at someone who was smiling. I realize people won’t “get” why my hair is blue, so it doesn’t bother me.
-A woman in her 50s who I’ve known since I was about 11 gave me a big hug and said I look “so adorable”.
-I think to be polite, a lot of people tend to put smiles on their face to appear to be kind and not look at me with “What in the world?” expressions.  Therefore I actually have people acting more kind to me than normal these days. Most people in New Jersey keep away from other people, but with my hair this way people come up to talk to me and ask questions to get to know me and I get to know them in the process, which I love getting to know people and their lives.  I have been able to mention God to a couple people as it leads into that. It is very interesting.
-My dad said I look like I belong in the circus.
-“Cotton candy! So pretty.”
-“Do you normally dye your hair different colors?” “No.”
-“Is that your natural hair color?” :: mouth hangs open for a while :: “Um…….” “I’m sorry I meant did you do that yourself or did you get it done professionally?” “Myself.”
-Children often look at me with confused faces. Teenagers often say, “So cool!”

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  1. Your hair looks lovely. I always used to want blue hair but was never brave enough x

    • Thanks. I guess I never thought that dying hair a color meant one was “brave” before. If one wants blue hair, I would assume the only thing stopping them would be if their job would allow it or not. Your hair would look lovely blue (though it is lovely without being blue too)!!!!

      • Thanks! I do regret not giving it a go, I’d have gone for a bright electric blue I think. I think I was worried about what other people would think of me, I wasn’t a very counter-cultural teenager!! Perhaps it doesn’t feel brave for you as you’re just confident and comfortable with yourself. Love your style btw x

      • That color is gorgeous. Yeah, I wish I had done this while I was still in college because my job would flip if my hair was anything other than a natural color. I always wanted bright red “Run Lola Run” color… but these days I’m loving the mermaid blue/greens. Maybe one day I’ll have a cool job that doesn’t care.

      • Oh man, Run Lola Run hair would be awesome. I have a friend who had her hair that color in high school. Hope one day you’ll have less constriction with rules of hair in your job!

  2. It’s always awesome when something like this gets people to talk to each other more! people tend to not talk to strangers over here also so I think that’s fantastic! Funny about the hold lady whispering in your ear & the comments from the old men. Love how you’re replying w/ kindness to the unkind remarks. I think it is SO fun & love that you wanted to & then just went for it!

  3. Hey! That’s my tree! 🙂

    I LOVED the skirt! I meant to mention it. I actually thought the top/skirt was connected and that it was a dress. I think Stitch Fix is such a cool idea — too bad it didn’t work out for you. Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime.

    I also love the story about that woman asking you if it was your natural color. I actually laughed out loud about it after you’d left later on that day — just to think about what was going through your head in that brief moment. Soo funny.

  4. I really love the outfit, I am glad you kept the skirt! I love your hair and I love the reactions you have gotten! I am happy to hear that it seems a good balance of positive and shock, lol. I am sure my dad would have reacted the same way, he still is not over the fact that my hair is short.

  5. I love the reactions to “crazy” colored hair. I’ve had my pink hair for about a month now too and most of the feedback is positive. I love how you chose blue, I think it suits you perfectly!



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. How funny! When I had my purple hair, a lot of older people and younger people really loved it and through it was fun (or I was a fairy princess). Weirdly, the worst reactions were from middleaged men – they actually acted like my hair was offensive to them!

  7. Hi! This makes me laugh~fun! 😀 I think I know some of the 60-70ish old guys who’d say something like that (looking beautiful). :] The stitch Fix sounds like fun too-too made it didn’t work out though! I’ve been reading through your blog. I first saw it a while back, from a link (comment maybe?) on Rachel Dalh’s blog… I’m enjoying reading your posts, and seeing your photos. :]


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