I went to the dollar store about a year and a half ago or so (which is the only time I ever went there).  I saw this Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (my favorite of the films) shirt and bought it.  I realized that the whole picture is not centered on the shirt at all. It is pretty bad, no matter how often I try to twist the shirt over to the side. I guess when someone fails at doing their job correctly of getting the print on the shirt straight, they put them into cheap stores (better than trashing them).  It got me to thinking that even though we are all born into a sinful world with the tendencies to steer towards our sin, there is a Saviour who saves us and loves us and helps us no matter how crooked our ways are/were.  He starts to fix us without us realizing it sometimes. He steers us towards Him in every way (just as I try to twist my shirt).  Although it/we will never be perfect, Someone loves us and God IS the only true perfection!

starwarsmamathumb1 StarWarsMama3thumb

starwarsmamathumb2My cool Star Wars headband was given to me by one of my sponsors whom I adore (Shana is super sweet!). I loved getting this one in particular because I own 4 Star Wars shirts (some are in bad shape because I’ve owned them for about 5 years).  I really recommend her products. If you have noticed, in the past three years or maybe four now even, I’ve worn loads of flowers and butterflies and headbands all from Lila-Jo and she uses a lot of my photos for her products to get sold too, which is cool!  I must warn you though that a lot of the content in her shop is immodest, so please please be very cautious if you go browsing through there.

These photos are about 3 weeks old now, and I apologize for being late in posting them.

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  1. I love this outfit! Haha, I have bought cheap shirts like that before, a Spider-man hoodie that came apart in the wash after a few months. I always think of clothes and the like, the misshapen ones to be like the “island of misfit toys”, they want a home too! 😛

    I love the jeans and the boots too! I want my legs to be skinny like yours and Lauren’s. More cardio and ballet DVD time in the future, eh?

    • I don’t know if that stuff helps one’s legs get skinny. I’ve always been really skinny. My thighs are rather large from giving birth and I’d like to tone them up better, but the rest of my legs. . . twigs as they’ve always been.

  2. ESB is a great installment in the series, certainly better than any in the 3 prequels and perhaps better than Return of the Jedi as well. For me, though, nothing beats the first one of them all. The opening scene alone was worth the price of admission.

    I like even better your reflection on how this ties in with our walk with God. His perfection now counts as ours. Awesome.

    • I love the original three in general. I think Rob has a hard time choosing between A New Hope (ep. 4) and Return of the Jedi (ep. 6). I always had a hard time between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi but as I got older I chose ESB.

      Thank you!


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