I know. . .It is Friday, but I forgot to post this yesterday.

1. I truly adored reading this response to the Steubenville Rape case!
2. I love the new My Epic song called “Hail” that was released today. Too bad the new album doesn’t come out until Autumn though.
3. These are the prettiest custom pair of TOMS I’ve seen.  Too bad they wrote “Dr. Who” instead of “Doctor Who” though.
4. My husband loves Jennie-O turkey ham and I am thinking about making this recipe for him soon. Looks simple and delicious.
5. Why are they drinking from sippy cups, is my question? Laughed at the way animals eat food though.
6. Blythe Dolls with my hair color. 😉
7. Robert Downey Jr. went to Korea to promote Iron Man 3 and did the Gangnam Style dance (start it at 2:00).  This is another perspective of it but you can’t see his legs as much.  I laughed. If you’ve seen as many interviews and films with him in it as I have (this movie will be my 70th RDJ film) than you know he busts out in dances regularly in general.
8. As a big fan of both the book and film of Gone with the Wind, I thought this drawing was darling. See more of Nan Lawson’s work here.
9. We love seeing photos of abandoned places for some reason.  NJ has a bunch and I loved looking through some of the abandoned hospital photos from this site.
10. My youth group will soon be doing a 30 Hour Famine to help kids raise money to help children who suffer from hunger issues around the world.  Although I have a DVD filled with videos to show them, I really liked this one that wasn’t included.  It shows a bit of what World Vision does to help families.  If you’d like to sponsor a child, please let me know or click this link with my reference number and let me know.  You can help a child, family, and community in need!

Interesting tattoo

Brave Little Toaster

To have a daughter. . .This is adorable.
cutestgirlThis is the best thing in a yearbook ever.

Oh, people.

Love this.

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  1. The man too stupdi to use thing hat is funny!!! And that little girl image is adorable


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