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playgroundthumb I love being able to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a dozen+ years.  I grew up with Stacey, though we never truly got to know one another in school, and I didn’t really ever even have classes with her until late middle school years.  When people are up for hanging out, I’m a go-getter.  I like to follow through with plans to hang out with people, though often times I get let down when I don’t see initiative on the other end.  Thankfully Stacey follows through.  We’ve hung out a few times now.  Stacey has a darling little girl who keeps her mama on her toes (literally, she is such an adventurer).  For instance, the really big slide at the playground; my boys used to be scared at the idea of going down it and only started to last autumn at their ages, while Stacey’s daughter had no problem going down (she’s not even two yet).

There are so many lessons to learn from children.  I want to be one who is willing to go to the unfamiliar and plummet down slides that I am not adjusted to.  I want to be able to have such a spirit.  I love looking at these photos because you see the rawness of children.  They are willing to have dirty faces while smiling big.  They are willing to get sweaty and still smile. They are good at playing, but I want to be able to have attitudes like theirs, willing to work with the sweat going down my brow and dirt all over me while still being able to smile.


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  1. What a fund day for the kids! (And for you and Stacey too, of course!) We are awaiting 4 kids ages 2 to 11 at our house this afternoon, and we’ll have them for the weekend while the parents go off for some couple time. Should be plenty of dirty face opportunities for us too!

  2. Beautiful pics! I am glad that you were able to reconnect with someone from your past and have more in common now! My friend Becky and I knew each other in high school, but only a few years ago is when we became close. She ended up marrying us at our wedding 🙂

    PS-Do you cut your son’s hair? I can’t remember if you said you did or not. Either way, they both always look awesome.

    • Yeah, I always cut the boys’ hair. I brought Leto to the barber once a few years ago, and that was it because it didn’t go so well. haha.

      Is Becky ordained or of the military? Not sure how that goes these days. hehe.

  3. So very true! It’s funny bc my son is very cautious too & actually hates getting dirty – he is however a hard worker though, which I can already see at such a young age. These photos of the children are beautiful Victoria! Seeing your two handsome little guys together makes me even more excited for my second one to get here 🙂

  4. The little ones are so beautiful and you caught such fun-filled times of them! sounds great to reconnect w/ old friends and i couldnt agree more, i was thinking i should start volunteering w/ children to be around their joy.. but then i remembered i need to sleep more as it is.. garh currently overwhelming life. oh & in regards to your last post, I def agree w/ you & wish I had more time to be more open on my blog like I used to but just cannot find the time to write as much as I did at first.


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