It is that time of year when we are invited to parties for kids, and thankfully none of them have been on the same day (yet).  We usually go to whatever we are invited to first when things do land on the same day.  As an extrovert, I love these types of things, though lately I’ve been pretty cautious of my heart and mellow instead of the “party animal” that I am (I say that in quotes because I’m crazy, but not to an extreme).  I don’t know if people notice this change or not, but I do.  I’m the type of person who would love to go up to everyone and ask them 20 questions (or many more) to get to know them and hope to form new bonded relationships, but lately I feel like I just can’t handle that emotionally.  We’ve already gone to three birthday parties, have one coming up, and have two parties we still haven’t responded to that we got this week.

tighebdayparty18thumbI didn’t take photos of the first bday party we went to this year (for a 1 year old. . left my camera in the car).  We went to a 6 year old’s birthday get-together which was very small and very nice. It was Star Wars themed. ❤  Leto considers this boy to be his best friend (they are 10 weeks apart).

Dominickis6thumbThen we went to a larger party that was circus themed, I believe.  It was cute. We celebrated the 1st birthday of this little cutie (who was sleeping most of the time).


I felt badly for Micah, because he was not feeling that great, though we didn’t realize it at first.  His belly was pretty upset. Poor thing.  He mainly played in the sandboxtighebdayparty30thumb tighebdayparty29thumb tighebdayparty4thumb

There were a few games with prizes for the kids, which was adorable.tighebdayparty27thumb tighebdayparty25thumb tighebdayparty16thumb tighebdayparty10thumb

tighebdayparty3thumb tighebdayparty7thumb

tighebdayparty31thumb Leto won a prize for the first game, which he tied this pretty little lady with (I don’t reveal the names of other people’s kids on my blog, in case you haven’t noticed).tighebdayparty8thumbI had to do comparisons. . .3 yrs ago & now. Adorable.


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  1. Love looking at comparison photos! I didn’t know you when you were in HS, but it was nice seeing you then and now on Instagram. Star Wars theme! Yay. It would’ve been WAY cooler if it were the old Star Wars. 🙂

  2. Cute kids!

  3. Hello Victoria!

    I just wanted to let you know that I got your comment the other day on my blog! I don’t want you to think/worry that I was angry at you or anything and that’s the reason I haven’t commented. Not in the least bit! I have been so busy with school the past year and (ashamedly) don’t ever get to do commenting any more. I know how much comments mean to me, so I need to really try this summer to get back into the swing of it. So sorry that your feelings were hurt and I didn’t mean to!

    Anyhow, your little boys are getting so big. And jeeze, the eye lashes on them; I would kill for! x

    • My feelings weren’t hurt, so to say, it was just that it seemed strange that I used to get comments all the time and they suddenly stopped. School definitely is a good reason and I am sure your blog has loads more readers and comments than it once had in general. I’m glad to hear from you! I pray that you will continue walking with God and spreading His love to others!

      My boys really do have massive lashes. They get remarks on them all the time. Thanks.

  4. I kinda like kid parties more than grown up parties. Something about getting a group of children together to celebrate and watching their pure, unjaded excitement is really refreshing.

    I hear you about being an extrovert, but feeling the need to curb it for your emotional self. I’m pretty out going, but I’ve learned over the years that not everyone is equipped to handle my extrovertedness (which is perfectly ok).

    • That is so true about kid parties! It is really fun.
      I am pretty sensitive as an extrovert towards introverts (I’m married to one, so I am actually used to it). I just have been cautious because I have a tendency to get hurt by others after forming bonds with people. . and so I am guarding my heart from that, really.
      So great to see you commenting! It has been quite some time!

  5. The kids look like they had so much fun! They look so much bigger now, comparison photos are great 🙂

  6. What fun pics. I especially love the comparison from 3 years ago. My wife and I still love little kid brithdays!


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