Gift Catalogue - Paroumba ADPI’ve been a child ambassador for World Vision for nearly a year (where I try to gain sponsors for children who may be orphaned from AIDS, who have families who are suffering from disasters, who aren’t able to afford going to school or have medical and health needs taken care of, and who come from communities that are suffering from severe poverty).  It has been since right before that time that I found out about many youth groups around the country that participate in an event called 30-Hour Famine.

What is a 30 Hour Famine? 
Students and leaders of our youth group will be working towards raising funds to feed starving children. We will be fasting for 30 hours together in order to understand what most children around the world go through each day.  We will be playing hunger related games, spending time in prayer, and will live off of water and juices like apple juice during that time.

Why are you doing this?
Around the world, 8,000 children under the age of 5 die from hunger related issues.  This boggles my mind so much that I am able to eat 3 meals a day while a child may go a few days without any food at all.  As a mother, I can’t imagine seeing my boys crying every day because they couldn’t have anything to eat that day, but this is the reality that many mothers see their children do, and they do what they can to try to feed their children so that they won’t die.  Jesus fed 5,000 men  & their families while teaching them all lessons.  It was a great miracle and shows that God certainly cares for the hungry and does not ignore them, but helps them as we are to as well.  We are told to love our neighbors/those in the world as ourselves, and considering the fact that when I am hungry, I eat; I should be feeding children who are crying out for help and not ignore them.

How can I help?
Pray for us all as we do this event (happening so soon already) and please help us raise funds. $1 can feed a child for an entire day.  You can donate as low as $1!  That would be wonderful!  We are asking that people donate $30 which will feed a child for a whole month!  If you can’t donate that, any amount will do.  If you want to feed many children, feel free to donate more money!  So often we spend money on useless things that don’t last or that sit around.  Rob was saying to me last night about how sometimes people will spend $30 on ONE meal in the US, but that can feed a child for a WHOLE MONTH!! Perhaps you can decide to not buy a cup of coffee today and instead give that money to a child in need who can use the money to survive for the day.  It is a beautiful thing to do!! Please go to our fundraiser page to donate!!  Help us reach our goal and support us in this!

img-28 Hunger-Infographic-2

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  1. I admire how you practice what you preach.

  2. I’m in! Blessings, dear one! ♥

  3. It’s an honor to serve with you in this small way. 🙂 Prayers for many more gifts!

  4. 30 Hour Famine is a great tool, Victoria. When our son took part a number of times, they always included a service project as part of the program. Prayer and fasting and service to others – what a great way to model Christ to the world around us. I look forward to your report on how things went with your group, Victoria!


    • Very true, about the service projects! We have done a bunch of those outside of the famine (soup kitchens, going out to talk to homeless people in NYC and handing them sandwiches we make, going around our community doing chores like mowing lawns and painting and such, etc) and because our kids have never gone with food before, we aren’t including a project during this famine, but if we do it again next year, we do plan to include one with it (which has been mentioned).

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