[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

Life of Pi 2012 (w/Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Ayush Tandon, Rafe Spall) – 3.25 stars – A writer is looking for a story and he was told about Pi.  Pi is a man who tells about his life growing up in India with a family who ran a zoo.  Most of the story covers a shipwreck and it is incredible and I really enjoyed the story.  What takes more faith? To believe in the incredible or the simple?  That is basically the point of this entire film.  It was very vibrant with colors and made me laugh and grow in shock as well.  I wouldn’t recommend children seeing this movie, because animals do go after other animals (to eat them), but it is not graphic at all (they pan away during those parts but you know what happens).  The main character has a lot of hope and courage throughout the film, which I think is really wonderful.  I love the vibrant colors!  I hope to read the book eventually too.  content: women in bathing suits (retro ones), use of the word “pissing” repetitively, animals attacking animals (not graphic), guys’ chests seen, vomiting, human and animal peeing (no parts seen at all), talk about various religions and gods


Iron Man 3 2013 (w/ Robert Downey Jr, Gweneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pierce, Jon Favreau) – 3 stars – This was the worst of the Iron Man films. My husband actually told me it didn’t even deserve 3 stars (he gave it 2).  Jon Favreau did not direct this one as he did the first two, (though of course he is still in it like he was in the first two), but Shane Black did who also directed another RDJ film (a favorite of mine: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).  This was the 70th RDJ film I’ve seen (hooray), but it was such a let down.  Problems with this one: While the first two had connections to Shield and Nick Fury and the Avengers in some form or another, there was absolutely nothing to connect them after Avengers in this, when you’d think it would be even greater now.  There is mention of characters, but the only time you see anyone directly related to it is in the end after-credit scene with Bruce Banner/Hulk (which was cute by the way).  Also, while the first two movies had things related to weaponry and technology based in regard to machinery involvement for being the whole point of the film, this one instead is about a guy who had ideas but was turned down by Tony Stark in 1999.  He comes back years later with technology for injecting humans with something to alter how they work and make them more powerful.  There were actually some mess ups in regards to this but that would give things away.  The Mandarin is a threat to the US who invades TV stations and is fond of being a terrorist.  Tony Stark is going to put an end to him!  Also there seems to be tension between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts with their relationship.  He spends so much time working on his suits, that he seems to show enough attention to his girlfriend.  Robert Downey Jr.’s acting is amazing as always in this, and we get to see a new side of Tony Stark that we haven’t before: anxiety attacks!  He even meets a kid named Harley who tries to help him out in this film with how he deals with those attacks.  Some of these scenes of Tony Stark using more of himself to fight and less of his Iron Man suits reminded me a lot of Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang character Harry in which RDJ played. . .I mean, they have him wear a black hoodie again and even have a scene between Stark and Rhodey that reminds me of a few scenes from KKBB.    This is definitely action packed and that is really awesome, especially the various marks of the suit being used throughout it.  The worst part about this film in my opinion is that there was far more skin in it than the other three.  Women are treated poorly and are pretty much throw-away toys used for man’s pleasure instead of to be valued (other than Pepper Potts).  content:  sexual- One of the first scenes shows kissing and a couple in bed together and in the morning they show the woman sitting down and wearing a lacy red bra, though we only see her back while wearing this – but it was a one night stand brought up later in the movie, women are seen in bikinis at a beauty pageant a few times in this, two women are in a bed waiting for a man to join them and they are shown wearing sexy lingerie a few times throughout the scene, a woman is seen in the not so far away background in a public area wearing a bikini top, women are seen in sports bras quite a few times (and it is taken as a note by a man who wishes she’d dress more like that), women’s abdomens are shown a few times, a woman has a close-up in tiny sports shorts, a couple is seen in bed together and are living together even though they aren’t married, a woman talks about going into a shower and invites a man to go with her, kissing; violence- punching, hitting, shooting people, torture, bodies burning, executions, kidnapping, people die, blood seen; language- 1 s word (and another time you hear it very very slightly under breath), 1 use of God’s name done blasphemously, misuse of the word “hell”, the b word, d word used twice; deception

Shout 1991 (w/ John Travolta, James Walters, Heather Graham) – 2.25 stars – This is set in the 50s.  Why is it that most 80s and early 90s films do a terrible job with retro hairstyles that make no sense for that time period at all, but perfect sense for the time period in which was at the time during it being made? A tough kid in a home for boys seems to feel like there is not a care in the world while a music instructor comes to town.  The kid is out to ruin the daughter of the headmaster.  John Travolta does dance and sing in this. A young Gweneth Paltrow is also in this (though rarely seen).  The problem with some of the music in this is that the original stuff sometimes sounds TOO 90s instead of 50s.  This movie had cute dresses in it if anything, but it was a bit slow at times and at other times it was pretty cute and a bit cheesy as well.  content: underage drinking, trouble making, smoking, immodesty, perverse talk, language  (d word, b word, hell used incorrectly), kissing, innuendos, a couple in bed together as they make-out (it is assumed that pre-marital sex occurred)

The Art of Getting By 2011 (w/ Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano) – 1.75 stars – This is a coming of age movie about a guy who slacks off in his high school and he meets a girl.  The dialog at times seems uncomfortable. The thoughts brought out are always pretty interesting, but this movie just looked like it was done by uncomfortable people that it was a bit bothersome.  . .even though I know all the stars in this have been acting since childhood and are skilled at what they do, but this was pretty bad. I mean it. The art in it was pretty as was some of the music.  Otherwise, I wasted my time.  content: language – Jesus’ name used blasphemously 3x, 1 f word, s word several times (maybe 3 or 4) , teenage smoking, teenage drinking/drunkenness, immodesty (as in normal clothes being immodest and a girl gets dressed in front of a boy but we see just her back and her bra straps and while the guy is blinking as he tries to see her doing it, you catch a second glimpse of her full covering black panties), an adult woman flirting with a high schooler, talk about whores/sluts, throw up seen, talk about sex, kissing (it looks like watching middle schoolers kiss. . painful).

Sunrise 1927 (w/ Janet Gaynor, George O’Brien) – 3.25 stars – The idea of the film is that the sun rises on all types of people, no matter how they live, the sun “transforms” individuals.  I first saw this film when I was a teenager and loved it.  It is a silent film about a city woman who comes to a rural area where a poor farmer is captured by her seduction and is torn between his wife and the woman who seems to control him.  However, when he is in his darkest hour, he finds himself completely falling in love with his wife all over again.  It is a beautiful story.  content: Woman in lingerie in pretty much the first scene (pretty risque even for a silent film), woman in bathing suit (much more modest than today’s but it is a two piece old 20s styled one), hula dancing women seen in background, smoking, a man kissing a woman he is not married to (definitely seems he is having an affair, but the kissing is the only thing seen which was actually pretty intense), a man starts to strangle another woman, a baby’s rump, immodesty (cleavage), a man hits on a married woman (which makes her uncomfortable), a pig gets drunk, drinking (drunkenness), kissing between husband and wife
Plain Clothes 1988 (w/ Arliss Howard, Robert Stack, Suzy Amis, George Wendt, Diane Ladd) – 2.5 stars – A 24 year old man is an undercover cop. There was a murder of a teacher in a high school and the cop’s brother, though innocent, seemed to become a suspect for the murder.  The cop goes to investigate by being a student.  Yes, this does have a 21 Jumpstreet type of aspect to it, but it wasn’t that bad other than the language really.  I like cheesy 80’s movies.  It was not that bad but definitely slacked in the acting at times.  content: language (God’s name used blasphemously 6x, s word, the d word several times, misuse of the word hell, small a word), a man is shown with a knife in his back (and blood), guys’ chests seen in a locker room, a sexual metaphor poem, kissing, slight immodesty, some violence

Downton Abbey 2010-2011 (TV show, seasons 1 & 2) – 1.75 stars – I honestly don’t understand how people enjoy this show.  I heard so many people (Christians mainly, which surprises me even more) rave about this show.  I decided to give it a shot.  I shut it off after the very first episode a year ago.  Due to one of my best friends telling me to try more of it, I continued on recently.  The story is about a wealthy aristocratic family in the early 20th century around the sinking of the Titanic, which makes things a little harder for the family.  The story also follows their servants in their home.  We see the struggle between many of the characters and the connections and relationships between the servants and the family.  I loved Sybil, but that’s pretty much the only character who was worthy of adoring (and the grandmother as well, but Maggie Smith plays every role perfectly). The first season’s end was tragic and so sad. It seemed like drama had to happen constantly to keep the watcher’s attention.  The second season has a lot to cover the first World War and the home is opened to helping soldiers as well.  The whole show really focuses mainly on the eldest daughter and how they want to marry her off.  Considering the high standards and moral issues back in that time, a lot of what happened was too “today” and actually bugged me.  I was bored most of the time and the episodes were far too long!  After I finished the second season I was going to continue on to the third, until my friend (who originally recommended the show to me) told me to not bother and explained all the spoilers and said how it is an incredibly lame season.  I’m glad to stop, but I do wish I never saw this show, to be honest. It is a waste of time.  The costumes are gorgeous though.  content: women seen in lingerie, men kissing other men, women kissing men, a few affairs and no cares about it as if it is okay, a couple sexual scenes (not shown other than making out and undressing of sorts), war violence, a character trying to cause another to miscarry (attempted murder), talk about children born out of wedlock, people die, several uses of various profanities used throughout the two seasons (d word, hell used incorrectly, God’s name used blasphemously, the b words, perhaps a few others but I can’t recall), name calling of others, deception throughout it and trying to make it seem okay

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  1. I LOVED life of Pi! Sorry you didn’t like Iron Man 3, I kinda still wanna see it. I have seen people rave about Downton Abby, but it looks a tad boring for me. Kyle wants to see it, lol.


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