[Outfit Details: Top – Modcloth | Skirt – Ebay | sunglasses – Forever 21 (4 yrs ago. . .and I think I lost them since taking these) | Shoes – TOMS | Scarf – given to me]

Doing: organizing things in the home
Listening: Edison Glass’ “Let Go
Reading: Legend by Marie Lu (finished it since I typed this up)

This is the last set of photos with my hair being colorful. . .though it started out cotton candy blue, it ended up looking mint green to white.  There were people who had seen it cotton candy blue and thought I dyed my hair again because of how much it faded out.  It was fun, but I am ready to “grow up” now that I’m less than 6 months away from turning 30.  Time to embrace aging.  I was watching a newer Doctor Who episode and (Dame) Diana Rigg who played Emma Peel in the 60s British show The Avengers (which I was obsessed with in my pre-teen/early teen years) played the villain as her real-life daughter played her daughter.  It made me realize that no matter how much someone was thought of as gorgeous, aging is not a bad thing.  I was still in awe of Diana Rigg’s performance and still saw that she was beautiful, even with all those wrinkles and the rasp in her once amazing sounding voice.

It all fades away, and so will I.  My “performance” is what will stand-out.  How I serve Jesus and obey Him is what should matter instead of the crazy outward vanity that I’ve had for a decade of my life.  I see the obsession our society has in surgeries to maintain the fountain of youth, the materialism that entraps their wallets and hearts, and the desire to stay attractive to peers.  It doesn’t matter. At. All.

I’ve noticed that the posts on my blog that I deem important, don’t get nearly as many hundreds of hits as the posts of me dressed in outfits that people think are pretty.  It is sad and pathetic how society has become warped to understanding what really matters: passions and workings of the inward being through faith, not the outward appearance.  Only a few of you (mainly people we know in person) are aware that Rob & I are preparing to go to India as missionaries in a few years (of course our kids will come too, in case you’re wondering about them).  There are so many passions I have and they are all intertwined with loving my God and loving my neighbor. . and I am so thankful for the lessons I’ve learned that have brought me to this point in life.  I am excited about the journey ahead for me as I put my trust in God through it all.

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  1. It’s fun to watch you evolve and to read about it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  2. I can’t wait to see your new hair! I am loving the long layers in this look too 🙂

    Yeah, that is why I ended up doing two posts per day. I really like taking outfit photos, but then I like other things too.

    Yeah, aging can be scary but awesome at the same time. I feel like once you stop caring about that first grey hair or wrinkle and can let it go, you start to enjoy things more. 😀

  3. Re: Your comment.

    I majored in English, with the intention of becoming a writer. I am hoping to get at job in the English department at Oakland University (where I graduated). But, then there is no one to watch Liam for my parents. Blah.

    • That is really nice that you watch your brother for your parents and are putting your own hopes on hold in order to help out. That’s admirable, but I can understand how that could be tough on you or make you feel like your own parents are holding you back by making you responsible for Liam. One day Liam is going to be extremely appreciative of all you have done for him. 😉 that’s really cool. I hope you can get the job in the English Dept. one day!

  4. It’s true, most people just want to see pretty pictures. I feel like my outfit posts get way more traffic than anything else. I’m really going to miss your colorful hair (although I’ve seen your new hair on Instagram). I too will be 30 this year but I think I’ll rock the colorful hair even when I’m old!



    Southern (California) Belle

    • aww. I ready our entries! I am actually a little behind in your blog though. I’ve been progressing well in catching up though!
      I had no idea that you were an ’83 baby. I assumed you were mid-twenties. 😉 Enjoy rocking the hair colors as long as you want!!!

  5. You should check out this site It’s a blog where they feature old people’s styles. It’s awesome. There was one lady who rocked different colors on her hair.

    Yeah, people don’t really care about posts that require too much reading (correction, any kind of reading at all), so they go for outfit posts or in my case, when I give away something. It makes me happy to do it, but it also makes me somewhat sad that they only really care about free stuff and not what I have to say.

    I love the color combination in this post! I think you just got prettier as you got older, seeing your photos from yesteryear. I had major insecurity issues when I was growing up. I had acne, wore braces, was chubby then looked like a skeleton drastically soon after, etc. I do truly believe that I look better now than I ever did, but that is partly because I am not surrounded by peers all day who care about that stuff like in high school.

    One thing I learned from you reading your old entries was that not only is it good to be passionate about missions or helping some kind of positive agenda, but it also helps that those things distract you from worrying about selfish or outward things you may have.

    • That’s so nice of you to say that I look better as I age. I hope so, but regardless, I am okay with aging now. That is what we will and should all go through, after all!
      I’ll check out the link later (in a rush right now as I have somewhere I’m going soon with the boys)!

      I guess that makes sense that you don’t care as much as you did when you were younger surrounded by peers. Hmm. I think you are gorgeous!


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